Guys I need your help..

I want to reread two klaine fanfics but I don't remember what they're called :/

The first one
i don't remember what it's about but Kurt and Blaine live above each other.. like Kurt lives in the apartment above Blaine's apartment.. and first they don't know they live in the same house.. and I think I remember them combining the two apartments in the end?.. and Blaine was the owner of the apartment complex I guess..

and the second one
Kurt is being injured and has to be rushed to the hospital.. they're together at that point. but.. later (I don't remember what happened) Kurt couldn't recognize Blaine and Blaine tried to get him back..

It would be really awesome if there are people still here and anybody can help me :)

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So while I was listening to Darren Criss' cover version of 'Belle', my mum and I were talking about 'Beauty and the Beast' and then out of nowhere she asked me who I think Kurt and Blaine would portray, either Belle or the beast!!

I told her that Kurt would be Belle and Blaine the beast, who turns into his human form at the end.
What do you think?

So i haven't been on here in about 2 years. I am pretty sad about the new seasons rumors how you guys feeling about the Blaine and Dave thing, i really just want to hurt whoever thought that up.

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Klaine Wedding<3
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OK Blaine pop the big Q and i know your on a klaine high but.... you all had to see the way Kurt looked during the klaine  hug at the end of the episode (not so happy a little regretful...maybe)so what your verdict are they in it for a regretful end or are they together forever.
p.s i cant get the proposal (did i spell that right?) video yet but if you can post it thanks klainers

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read the comments
 this made very angry (over it now) i mean i put some thought into this thinking oh yeah new klainers but nope dude ended up a waste of time. no offence to this dude but you could have a least acted interested.
rant over but it pretty funny now 
OK i started a new klaine community and every ones invited join and the help make our 10 day klaine week happen OK thanks oh and the community is call the real klaine community for klainers.

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its back 5 more days

the 26 is the big day like if your excited. 
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