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I'm a big believer in writing as a way of aiding the critical thinking process, so I wrote a blog reflecting on the event.  I'm interested in understanding to what extent the event met your expectations, and how we can encourage more Un than conference in the future.  Feedback and suggestions welcome.   There's already a good conversation in the comments started by Jeremiah and Barry.

If you also feel inclined to blog about your process (and what better way to become a creator of content!), please share a link to your reflective writing as well.

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Live in 10 minutes, I'll be a guest on with +Shari Sloane and +Katie Regan  explaining what this unconference is all about.

If you or your friends haven't registered for the unconference yet, please do. And please publicize widely at your places of influence.  We've got about 20 interested parties so far, and I'm really hoping we can double that number.  

Hi, all.  Thanks for joining us!  This community's purpose will shift as the event gets closer.

From now until mid-March, use this space to get to know other participants.  Don't wait until April to begin collaborating and sharing resources!

As questions arise leading up to the event, be sure to check out the How to.../Tutorials section.  Even if this is your first Google Community, you'll be ready to facilitate a session using Google Hangouts before April 5th if you are attentive to the tutorials.

A few days before the event, you can begin to populate the Session Idea/ Topics page with topics you'd like to facilitate or would like to learn more about.  We'll vote on them using +1s so that it's clear which sessions have the most interest both at home and in person.

And then on April 5th, we'll launch Google Hangouts to host the spontaneous sessions so that people both at RIT and those attending remotely can participate in the learning.

After the event, I hope this community remains active as a place where attendees can share resources and support each other as they continue to push students from being consumers to producers.

Please head over to the Introductions page and tell us a little about yourself...
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