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Make a profile in order to roleplay here's the requirements pictures are optional
Dragon Warrior/slayer yes or no

Doing modifications on my dragon armor and crafting a new weapon

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Quotes: “hmph,pretty nice".

Full Name: Yukino Dragneel

~the fire dragon slayer
~the salamander
~daughter of ingneel
~the girl who had dragon power

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race/Species: human/dragon

Birthday: 12th June

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Zodiac Elements: Air

Sexuality: Straight bisexual

Birth place: in forest

Origin: Fairy Tail OC

Affiliation: Fairy Tail Guild

~school girl


hair color: Dark Black

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150kg

Skin Tone: White

Qutfit: Look at the picture

~dragon stuff
~love friend
~dog and cats

~dark guild
~Dark Mage
~mean people


Hometown: Unknown

Live Place Location: Magnolia/in apartment

[]♪Guild Information♪[]

Guild Name: Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location: Let arm

Guild Mark Color: Light blue

Rank: D class


Magic Name: Fire Dragon Slayer

Second magic Name: Fire Magic

generation magic name: None

Elements magic type: Fire

Magic Spell:
~fire dragon roar
~fire dragon iron fist
~fire dragon wings attack
~fire dragon sword horn
~fire brilliant flame
~fire dragon claw
~fire dragon crushing fangs
~fire dragon grip strike
~fire dragon roasting bath
~crimson fire: fire dragon fist
~crimson fire: exploding
~crimson fire: Phoenix Blade
~etc of fire magic call.

~stick motion
~fire didn't in underwater

((Human Trivia Body))

Attack Power: 6/5

Defense Power: 4/5

Speed: 4/5

Intelligence: 3/5

Strength: 5/5

Muscle: 2/5

Swag: 3/5

Stamina: 4/5

Combat Skill: 10/10

master hand to hand combat: 11/10

Loving Family: 8/10


Ingneel as father(Alive)
Hayouki dragneel as mother(Alive)
Natsu Dragneel as adoptive brother(Alive)


Enemies: the daughter of acnologia

Relationship single/taken: single

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none

Partner/Person: chalice

Pet/Familiar: Chalice the flying cat

What your dere: tsundere

dragon warrior/slayer: l.m dragon slayer.

“yukino was born in forest but with human child was by dragon then the dragon give power to his daughter and the dragon name is “igneel". His daughter human but his have dragon power to be, and his mother go to a town and find new job. In next day yukino was age 16 and his school girl then,yukino was wanted to join the guild and is joined fairy tail guild,his find his adoptive brother was name“natsu dragneel" but his the fake son of ingneel and Yukion love his adopted brother. Yukino was have in fairy tail and his have adventure but his explore his find exceed was name “chailce". Yukino his don't have friend pretty much".

“hello guy I.m new and this my oc character to play roleplay".

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Where is everyone?

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Hello, how is everyone..?

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✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠

✹Quote: "Let's make this clear ok..... 1. Don't mess with my guild 2. Don't make threats towards my friends and 3. Don't even dare think about hurting my family!"

✹Name: Kito Banaki

✹Alias(es): Odd Eye Dragon Slayer

✹Race: Human/Dragon Slayer

✹Age: 19

✹Gender: Male

✹Origins: Fairytail OC

✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color: Blonde and Orangish Brown

✹Eye Color: Red and Green

✹Build: Tall and Fit

✹Physical Deformities/Alterations:
Regular Form: None
Dark Side: Scar on left eye
✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠
✹Power/Abilities: Elemental Dragon Slayer

✹Weaknesses: Motion Sickness

✹Personality: Outgoing, Easily Tempered, Jealous to see another boy around mizura, Goofy

+Tora Dragneel​: Mom
Zeref: Dad
Natsu: Uncle
Lucy: Aunt
Elementrios: Dragon
+Rin 'Demon girl' Maxwell​: one of my close friends
Mizura: wife
Violet: daughter

✹Main Goal: To get stronger so I can beat this so called ultimate dragon and protect my friends and family.

✹Biography: Was raised by a Dragon name Elementrios. He trained me to use elemental dragon slaying powers so one day I can help the other dragon slayers bring an ultimate dragon down. One day after I joined fairytail I went to show Elementrios my guild mark but he wasn't there so I went looking for him but couldn't find him. About 10 years later I got married to a girl name Mizura and had a kid name Violet.
✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠
Only my sword
✹Weapons: Dark Ruby (sword with ruby gems inside of it)

✹Armor: None

✹Clothing: Pictures Below

✹Items of Interest: My Sword
✠♛ How S.P.E.C.I.A.L. are you?♛✠

✹Tier: 7 B

✹Attack Potency: 9/10

✹Speed: 7/10

✹Lifting Strength: 8/10

✹Striking Strength: 9/10

✹Durability: 9/10

✹Stamina: 8/10

✹Intelligence: 7/10
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walks inside the school and narrow my eyes as i look at everyone

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Is it me or am I seeing too many saeko's?

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Name dipper
Age 16
Like being alone
Dislike: peopel
Power: fire,shadow,and any types of wepons
Drangon slayer: yes
Bio: is mix between a human father and a demon for a mother but they where killed by a mob was rasied in a prison for most of my life untill i broke out
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