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Hi everyone!

Does anyone know a good starting place or tutorial to build a real-time multiplayer mobile game using the +COCOS2D-X (Cocos Creator) game engine?

I would like to make a game like Fun Run and I am looking into which game server framework to use. I am mainly a JavaScript developer, so it would help a lot if the game server framework was in JavaScript.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

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i`d like to share my pomelo notes

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I'm working on a game-server in NodeJS but I am having issues with figuring out how to handle projectiles (control them, validate positioning, etc.) on the server-side. I've posted on gamedev.stackexchange but I've gotten no answers yet. Any help?

Hi friends I want to create a simple multiplayer game in Cocos2d-x(c++) using pomelo. How i can start. I know cocos2d-x but not how to use this with pomelo?

I have configured pomelo on Azure VM and I can access the welcome page but when I clicked on Test-Game-Server Im not getting any popup.

I have opened 3001 3010 and 3150 ports under UDP and I have selected UDP when i initiated the project from command line. Am I missing anything ? 

Hey guys, I want to start a project, that would be an open source MMORPG, like, it will have an official server, but anyone can modify it and host a custom server, also it would be able to send some changes to be aproved and could be inserted at the oficial server.
As in my researchs I found that it could be fun to start with pomelo, for this project, but im here also to find some others developers who wants to join me on this project.
If you want, just send me message, as solo it will take forever to develop it. 
Thanks everyone;
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