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Updates and changes in version 2.3 of Twee.

Much improved timeline!
Display all shows grouped by when the last unwatched episode aired, episodes under the "older" section will be sorted by last activity.

Not interested in a show? Just swipe it away and it will not show up until you interact with it again.
It will still show up in search thou.


You can add tags to all of your shows, you can the filter your shows on one or more of the tags to make it easier to find them.


It' much easer to leave feedack and/or suggest new features via the link in the navdrawer


Twee has gotten a lot of love to make it feel more polished for example:

* Improved the comment input
* Links in comments are now clickable
* Prompt user to download images after successful restore
* Restore does not lock the UI
* You can finally "unlike" a show that you have liked
* Desktop short cuts not displays name correctly
* Improved when searching/adding new shows, click a show to go to that show from the search if already in your list.
* Changing an image should now update the cache to make the image appear in lists.

Those of you that are enrolled in the testing, have you noticed any issues since the last release? I will probably roll that one out in production unless it's causing users issues.

Also it seems that my change logs in the play store are not showing when I release new version, is that just for me or has anyone else noticed as well?

Hi everyone! I was hoping you could help with the statistics section. I was checking how many unwatched episodes I have, and it's showing me 100+. This should be a lot lower though... any idea why the number is off?

+Jonathan Andersson​ I had an interesting idea about your app. Im no expert and i dont know if its possible but couod you add google play games integration? You could use it for fun achievements (watched x number of shows, binged watched a season, etc), or maybe utilize its cloud save feature. With it we could forget the - lets be honest - clunky backup and restore feature.

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all well, I just have to say. If you haven't seen silicon valley yet, do it NOW! Season 4 just started and it just keeps getting better with every season, it's so damn good! 😊

And also I need some help, are any member of the community good with icon design? I read a post about A/B testing with icon in the play store, and they saw increase with like 27% on one of the icons. That gave me an idea, I've been really unhappy with the Twee icon for a long time, I'm just not good enough to make anything better.
But it would be cool to see if I could improve the downloads with a new icon.

So I'm just gonna ask a humble question if anyone here would like to help? I can't really offer any money or anything but you'll get lot of street cred 😁 if anyone is interested please comment here or write me on hangouts or something 😊

Sorry about the delay everyone! I have been away in the US on a trip so no time to fix the issue with random shows dissapearing since latest update.

I just pushed an update to the beta that i THINK should fix this, would love to get some feedback from you guys when you get the update :)

We have pushed an update to the web version with support for calendar and statistics, it's all working pretty good if you ask me! :)

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So, I'm just back from a vacation and it's time to start working on Twee again :)

I will try to push an update tonight with the new TC back end, to be able to sync tags and archive status between devices (tags not implemented in app yet) since this is a complete rewrite of how the back end works all data in the cloud will get removed.

I will add something that syncs everything the first time you start Twee though.

And for those interested in the tech behind it all +Patrik Potocki​ wrote a blog post on updating IdentityServer, give it a read :)

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all good? W're currently working on rebuilding the back end for TweeCloud to be able to make it even better, by being able to sync tags, archive and other things :)

I have finished statistics and also a beta version of the calendar, this will get pushed in a couple of days! :)

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Any chance of having some kind of 'I'd not recommend this show' button? I really enjoy this app as it's helped me find some good shows (and obviously track my viewing progress) but I've also added some shows that I really didn't rate that highly. For example iZombie. Took me three episodes to decide that I really don't want to watch further (you gotta give these things a chance sometimes, right?), that it didn't really entertain. I think that it could be an interesting viewing metric to see how many shows get added to Twee and then not watched, if in these cases how long it took to decide that such a show really is not enjoyable enough to keep watching.

If not a 'I'd not recommend' button (not trying to encourage negativity or anything) then how about a 'I've finished watching this show' button? Then the show could be greyed out but still on your overall list. Could do the same thing as only some of the shows will be marked as watched inferring that the viewer has stopped watching as they're not really that into the show. Just a thought, love the app, thanks for your work...
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Good idea, me likey!
no way Jose
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