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Updates and changes in version 2.3 of Twee.

Much improved timeline!
Display all shows grouped by when the last unwatched episode aired, episodes under the "older" section will be sorted by last activity.

Not interested in a show? Just swipe it away and it will not show up until you interact with it again.
It will still show up in search thou.


You can add tags to all of your shows, you can the filter your shows on one or more of the tags to make it easier to find them.


It' much easer to leave feedack and/or suggest new features via the link in the navdrawer


Twee has gotten a lot of love to make it feel more polished for example:

* Improved the comment input
* Links in comments are now clickable
* Prompt user to download images after successful restore
* Restore does not lock the UI
* You can finally "unlike" a show that you have liked
* Desktop short cuts not displays name correctly
* Improved when searching/adding new shows, click a show to go to that show from the search if already in your list.
* Changing an image should now update the cache to make the image appear in lists.

I just pushed a new version to the play store that fixes notifications and the "NO information..." bug. Hopefully your phones will start updating soon :)

Let me know if you notices any new bugs, please :D

Hey everyone, I hope you're all great! First I just want to say sorry for the lack of updates lately! To be honest I haven't really worked on twee for a while for a number of reasons. Mainly work and my family taking a lot of time and also partly because of a lack of motivation.

I feel really a real douche, because I know I have this awesome community!

So a small update, twee was taken down from the play store the other day, because it's not compliant. But I'm working on making it compliant with the new rules. Also all apps are required to target SDK 26 by the November so I'm trying to sort that as well so that it doesn't get taken down again.

These things are pretty easy to fix the problem is that I had some stuff that I had started but not finished, so I will have to compete those, or at least make sure they don't break anything before I can upload another version.

The good news is however that I hope to be able to have everything sorted by tomorrow.

Those of you that still use Twee, you guys are awesome!


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Is Twee still in active developement? +Jonathan Andersson

I think watch list is broken. Shows archive options. Not sure how to add shows to watch list.

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+Jonathan Andersson
This is a long standing bug with Twee that has never been addressed to my knowledge. I have reported it and I notice others have too.

The Twee app will stop updating a show or it will display wrong information. "" has the correct information but Twee will not scrape it properly. The only way to get Twee back in sync is to delete and re add the show. Painful to say the least. Doubly painful because it happens silently.

This has happened to me at least 15 times. I just noticed that my Twee app is reporting the latest two episodes of Lucifer as Season 4 Episodes 1 & 2, which is absurd.

I was told before that updates and corrections in thetvdb confuse Twee, which is understandable, but there is no excuse for Twee to remain in an error state.

Other apps such as Kodi use the same information and get it right; why does Twee keep screwing up?
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