Looking to join a game never played over net before so would like to try it up for anything really but if there's a dcc or mcc game going would be Keen to join them or even Cthulhu or 5th Ed

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I'll be using text only Discord to run a few PbP games. So far I've got a few people interested in a game of Beyond the Wall and a game of The Black Hack. I'm also lookimg for players for a somewhat gonzo Post-Apovalypse game using a mash uo of Mutant Future and Apes Victorious, and I am also planning some OSR Sci-Fi goidness (probably with White Star, X-plorers, or Stars Without Numbers).

If ant of those sound fun to you, please comment below. Thanks !

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Looking for additional players in our weekly Hangouts gaming night.

Our group started about 2 years ago, and we play mostly PbtA games like:
* Monster Hearts
* Masks
* Urban Shadows

Occasionally we play a different system like Witch RPG. Smallville.

Since this new years two of our players have withdrawn from our group, we are looking to add one or two new players.

Our next game is slotted to be Apocalypse World Second Edition.

We play on Saturday Evening from 7 PM CET untill 11PM CET.

Come join +Andy Yount, +Ursus Lenis and myself in our next games.

Give me a PM and we'll see if you're fit for the group.


Howdy, looking for some new players for Runequest 2 campaign playing 8pm-10pm GMT alternate Wednesdays (Next session 1st February).

Lots of loopiness has been happening up and down the River of Cradles with plagues of Gorp, mysterious artefacts looted, tomfoolery over Sor-Eel's strange taste in pornography, studious avoidance of poking around in the Puzzle Canal, talking fish, false prophets, ducks, ducks and more ducks.

Come for a relaxing holiday in Glorantha, see the sights, get your legs chopped off...

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Hi looking for 7AM EST game (Voice) Wends,Sat or Sun, Not sure what I feel like playing, would consider running if nessicary Not sure what time that is GMT

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Game: Indie Adventure
Date: Friday 5/2 or Saturday 6/2
Time: Depending on player preferences

Welcome to Triniton!
It's an adventure, so any rule set works but I prefer simple/narrative (d6). Characters take two minutes to create so no preparation required.
Check out the new teaser at www.triniton.se.

Ping me and I'll add you to the group chat to discuss exact time.

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D&D 5e Campaign - Looking for Players.

Alternate Wednesday evenings (every 2 weeks) - 6.30 to 10pm GMT.

Sign up at the following link: https://rpggeek.com/article/21317606#21317606
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