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Praise God, No Matter What

In the book of 2 Chronicles 20:1-3
Said, it came to pass after this that the children of moab, and the children of Ammon, and with them others beside the ammonites, came against jehosphat to battle. And jehosphat feared, and set himself to seek the lord and proclaimed a fast throughout all judah.

The children of judah were surrounded by three enemy nation. They were completely outnumber and there seemed to be no way out. Then king jehosphat proclaimed a fast throughout the land and while they prayed and fasted there was a word 8f profecy.
The lord -the extraordinary strategy-told them you dont have to fight in this battle for the battle is not yours but the Lord’s. Tomorrow, you go out against the enemy they're camping by the clif of Ziz. Put twenty singers ahead of your army. They're not to carry any weapons of war but just to sing into the war front."
And that's exactly what judah did. They marched to the camp of the enemy with twenty singers ahead of them, singing, "praise the lord , for His mercy endureth forever!"
As they sang, the angels of God went into action; they entered into the enemy's cap and began to slay them. Pandemonium broke out and soldiers, not knowing what hit them, turned their swords on one another and started killing one another. By the time God’s people got into their enemies' camp, they were all dead
No wonder paul said the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through G8d to the pulling down of strong hold, casting down imagination, and every high thing that exalted itself against the kingdom of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedient of Christ Hallelujah!
It doesn't matter what you're going through or how hopeless the situation looks, you can still shout praise the lord!" You can sing praises to the lord. He's your extraordinary strategies. He'll show you you what to do and you'll come out victoriously!

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