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An hand of friendship goals
Friends are like flowers... With an story of true belongings. ~*Unknown* ”

🌸~• * +Amu Hinamori Heart +Arif San +Dry Bowser +Sora +Princess Nozomi [Spiritual Goddess] +TallAuthorAce +Nami Swan +Sarada Uchiha うちは サラダ 『SɪʟᴠᴇʀDɪᴀᴍᴏɴᴅᴇ07TM』 +Yumemi Tokushu +Shizukuღ +Haruka Kanata +Rety 02 +Anna Smith +Josh P 夜桜 +Kawaii Miku +Miss Jellybee +Sera Kyoya +Ana Vidal Nieto +Gerardo Baez +Your Friend Nitish +Fเσɳα • 私 ू゚ ™ +Vɪᴏʟᴇᴛ Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ +Åbduł Malik * 🌸~

Sidenote: oh hello everyone, wishing you all have an good day so far, sorry for an while noting posting once week because Collage and out of pictures and words documentary. Um okay Anyways happy day everyone.. Seems light I will give some few shout to you Ehm... Yeah to my cupcakes with love this for you. Um um.. 😳❤

Anime: ~ Attack on Titian


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What do you think? Comment please!

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This game is...LEGENDARY!!!
Have you tried it yet?

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Yeap, cardboard kits for the Nintendo Switch. What do you think?

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This battle against Anizala was terrific and desperate! Really loved how this huge monster gave them a crucial round for their money! But an incredible teamwork along with an extra effort from Android 17 after the loss of Android 18 vanquished the powerful threat.

For the next episode, could it be possible that Vegeta finally reaches the Ultra Instinct during his battle against Jiren?

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ONE PIECE chapter 889 and more:

Starting today, I'll be uploading my One Piece chapter reviews on my new channel. And the Giveaway prize is revealed!

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The battle finally is concluded. Asuna has bought some time for Touta and the others. And it ended with a final cherry on top: Touta's confession towards Yukihime. It terms of events to the manga, it seems the anime loves to go back and forth and it can be confusing for the episodes to come.


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Universe 03 was quite on the offense against 07, but our brave warriors managed to put it off. Nonetheless, I was wrong to think that Universe 03's elimination would be quickly done. I think from what we've seen from the preview of episode 121, it will be their last stand, but... I feel like Android 17 might be a goner.

What are your thoughts?

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New Youtube Channel! I'm starting from scratch! One Piece, UQ Holder, Dragon Ball Super, my manga project HEART OF WILDFIRE, geek, video games, random (and weird stuff probably): RED RONIN GM, coming in January 2018! ONE PIECE Giveaway Contest on first week of January 2018!

Subscribe in the meantime! I got Oreo's... JOIN THE DARK SIDE!
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