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The Renoir king and queen, we Finnaly see them in full!
the king almost looks like maxamillan dood
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Hello, i'm new nwn
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I’m working on commissions anybody want anything?

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Decided to draw Valentine

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Traduction: When Aeon predicts your victory, but you lose the fight anyway

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Robo Fortune
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Is anyone else stuck on missions in skullgirls? Because here are the ones I'm stuck on
1. Special treatment
Issues: big band, not enough time
2. Stuck to the ground 2
Problem: I suck at using Squigly, plus Eliza's A.I. is pretty tough
3. Feline face off
Problems: not good at Ms. Fortune, the fact that robo fortune's health regenerates
4. Wulfamania
Problem: big band, not good at beowulf
5. Stuck to the ground (?)
Problem: big band
6. Unfavorable odds
Problems: only 20% health, beowulf
7. Almost there
Problems: like I said I'm not good at squigly
8. Drop the beat
Problem: time limit
9. Stuck to the ground 3
Problems: big band, his health regenerates
10. Like a boss
Problems: 25% health, Eliza
11. Boss showdown
Problem: draining health
12. You asked for it
Problem: time limit, not good at using Marie's second form
13. Marie vs 300%
Problems: time limit
14. Marie 310%
Problem: because of Marie's insane health in this my attacks do a very pathetic ammount of damage

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