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¿#FollowBack o estrategia?

No te pierdas este post sobre #SocialMedia. Todo sobre está práctica en #Twitter. ¿Es buena o no?
Léelo y coméntame tu experiencia.

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Thanks for The invite

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A book that gives you everything you need to know concerning your lucidity,     how to really get past what keeps us from being enlightened.  Not a real long book, very direct.  I say read it through then read it again.

Here is the link to it in USA:
Once again the most awesome book:   Gnosis A Philosophical Psychology concerning the Emergence of Individuated Holistic Intelligence   by S. R. Allen   will be free as an e-book at Amazon, this time on Sept. 6-8

there are links to it outside the USA at the bottom of the page here: 

A must read for anyone interested in meditation etc.

read articles here: 

Thanks +Matias Ruas for the invitation!

thanks for the invite!! XOXO

Thanks much !

Thanks for the invite !

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