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(I would like a male, noble, dominant, sadistic vampire please. Please comment below if you are interested)

You were having a game of chess with an old family friend. Mr. Raymonds, a vampire noble who's worked alongside your family for centuries.
"So, I heard that you are looking for a wife?" Mr. Raymonds said, moving his Rook foreword.
"Hmm? Yes I am, so far no success though", you moved your Knight away from his Rook.
"Well, I have a proposition for you?"
You looked up at Mr. Raymonds, who smiled.
"As you may know, I have many daughters. Most of them are married now, except one. I had kept a handful of my daughters human, to be later turned by their chosen mate. I have one daughter who is still human. She is the youngest."
You knew where Mr. Raymonds was going with this, you let out a chuckle.
"Aden," you began. "I know what you want: you want me to marry your daughter in exchange for half of my estate? Right?"
Mr. Raymonds smiled. "Actually no, there will be no catch. My lovely Alessa is growing more beautiful each day, and lonelier too. We thought it was high time she married. So, what do you say?"
You thought for a while, before shaking hands with Mr. Raymonds.
"I say yes. Have her brought here tomorrow morning, hypnotize her though so she can't find her way back home."
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Name : Saharu van Camel killed by Peeler, Butcher and an unknown woman
Age: Unknown
Brithday: Unknown
Gender : Male
One Hit Killer Gun: One shoot of the Gun and instant death but Saharu must sacrifice one of his hearts he posseses
Camel Roar of Destruction: Can Tank Cities and sometimes Hills. If serious, it reaches Continent Level
Camel Fear: When the glassse sgets removed the true power gets activated. A new Space created by him can open
Weapons: Bombs and usual Mafia weapons
Affiliation: African Dessert Mafia
Bio: As a Mafia member and third strongest m2mber of the Dessert Mafia jisw hole background is unknown. He is the Executive and responsible for the lower members. The only 2 stronger and higher than him are Don Elelord the Elephant of death and the mysterious leader whose name remains unknown.

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Aki: Anyone wanna rp? I need someone to talk to other than 13 annoying vampires...
Ayato: How am I annoying?
Aki: In many ways... You can ask everyone.
Ayato: Who? Everyone who knows me loves me~
Aki: Yeahhhh... Keep telling yourself that buddy.

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Name: Flame Princess cat
Nickname: (give her one)
Age: 18
Sex: female
Birth date: 20
Birth day: March
power: fire
abilities: can change into a cat or have cat ears and tail out
Maid Or Butler: Maid
Other: she is one of the most adorable cat Maid ever she listens to order's that someone tells her to do and she does them with her cat ears and tail out she is a kind girl she can be one of those friends to help you when you want her to help you and even if you want to you can date her and when she gets mad she will fire up in flames and starts to fire places up but if you stop her in time she would be sorry and she would take any punishment as you want to give to her.

Nai was walking through the forest hidding from vampires

((open rp))

Aki: If you want to speak with a boy from DL, just say and you can speak with them separately! Or... you could talk to me...
Ayato: Ha, as if anyone would waste their time with you, when they could listen to ME!
Aki: It's not any different with you, Ayato.
Ayato: Shut up. What do you know about me, anyway?
Laito: It's no use in fighting, my lovelies. Everybody will want Aya- I mean me~
Kanato: I'll mess them up... They want me and Teddy more. pouty face
Aki: Whatever...

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Aki: Anyone wanna rp? I bet Reiji is lonely...
Reiji: sigh
Aki: You know you are.
Reiji: I am not.
Aki: Oh yeahhhh. Keep telling yourself that, buddy. pats back roughly
Reiji: mumbles
Subaru: ..I am so lonely....


Aki: Well, I'm in a panic, so why don't we all rp?
Shu: .....
Aki: ............
Aki: No?
Laito: Of course we will, Bitch-chan~
Aki: I wasn't asking you, go away.
Laito: Okay~

Aki: It doesn't matter what you do here, just as long as its strange. Like Subaru.
Subaru: What?
Aki: Nothing.
Subaru: Hmm...
Ayato: HAHA!
Subaru: narrows eyes
Laito: Haha, Oh, Bitch-chan~
Aki: runs NOPE
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