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Incremental updates coming soon

I've been super lazy on adding support for delta updates, but I finally worked up the energy. Took me 2 days and sleepless nights. Our OTA updater has been rewritten from scratch on top of Chainfire's Delta System with a slew of new user interaction changes and UI updates

As you can tell from the screenshots below the UI is typically the same as the old OTA updater but with new stages for users. The process is simple. The OTA system will periodically check our servers for updates. First it will check for a incremental update and fallback to a full build if one isn't available. The guiding process is the same.

This may or may not appear in Beta 6 but we prefer it be used after 4.1 is launched. Credits to +Max Weninger​ , Chainfire and the OmniRom team for the impressive work put into OpenDelta and delta support in general for Android. 
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Hi to all!
I've recently discovered AOSP (congrats to devs, really cool ROM), I was an affectionate PA user.
Which GAPPS are recommended for AOSCP 3.6.3 on mako?

Thank you in advance!

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+OOnePlus +oneplus 3​ no edit

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Well, I did a bootlogo for Osprey that matches a bit with the bootanimation of CypherOS. I do not know how to create Zip Fleshable to install by twrp. So I have here Logo.bin to be installed via ADB.

Tested on Osprey

does cypher os 4.0.5 for bacon support oms ?

On the M8, every time I turn on GPS with the SIM card installed, it reboots, and does so constantly until I remove the SIM card and turn off location services. Does anyone have a fix for this bug?

Why the LG D855 Is still at 3.6.3?

Hope you could merge "pme: fstab: Fix OTG mount device." in next release, that would be helpful.

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All good with YU Yureka Black (garlic)...
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why doesn't the home button animation not working on bacon latest version of cypher os ??
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