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TMNT OC Template~

~Name: Lucky
~Age: Twelve
~Species: mutin Ninja turtle
~Enemy: Open
~Best Friend: Open
~Preferred Weapon(s): she typically doesn't use weapons but if she does it's a sling shot.
~Strongest trait: Sass

~Personal Info~

~Crush: none
~AU: UMMMMMM streets?
^Bio^ oof! Lucky was always disliked by most because she was a MNT, she likes everyone who likes her. If you hurt someone she cares about you are as good as dead. She lives on the streets and likes it there. She has lived on them for 12 years and is a master at illusion.

~Template: +Skyla .Ishee

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Lucky sat in an ally way. She had a deep cut on her arm and was banged up. She had got into a fight and won but gotten hurt in the process. "Not my plan but" she tore a piece of her shirt off and held it over the wound.

((open rp))

((Open RP))

Isla cheerfully strolls down the narrow allry when she hears a cry. She turns to see a smile child surrounded by three larger men. The child looks to be about 6 and is beat up pretty badly. The small girl cowers in fear as the men loom over her. Isla growls in annoyance. "Ya know.... it's very rude to do that to a child!" she says as she comes up behind the men. She slips past them as they turn to look at her. Finding that she wasnt there, they turned back around to find the teenage mutant standing defensively in front of the small child. "Oh, so one freak tries to save another freak eh? Typical... guess we will have ta kill ya too girly.." one of the men say. Isla just now notices the girl is a small mutant turtle. She prepares herself for a fight as the men advance on her and the child.

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Ash popped her gum as she walked down the long allyway. She felt sudden force push her down and she looked up to see three guys standing over her. Her piece of gum had flew out of her mouth to the pavement below. She growled and pulled out her daggers then stood and turned around. "ya know... I HATE wasting gum... " she growled and her tail lashed

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~TMNT OC Template~

~Name: Creek
~Age: ???
~Species: Mechanical Raptor
~Nickname: Creekie Destroyer Pain causer

~Enemy: TMNT
~Best Friend: Shredder
~Preferred Weapon(s): Mech claws and teeth
~Strongest trait: destructiveness

~Personal Info~

~Crush: none
~Status: Since she is mechanic she has no emotions
Creek was made for protection, she stays with the Foot for days on end. She is highly aggressive towards others that aren't caged. Whoever created her (Ghost) she was meant as a pet, but the foot stole her away reprogramming her to be aggressive.

~Template: +Skyla .Ishee
~Art/Photo: #Predaguy
I just like lizards proof i have a breaded dragon
Mech Raptor
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Nash was chilling on a store, she was known for robbing stores. She got in the mood to see some blood, lots of it. She jumped into an alley and seen some people doing grofetti, she slashed all of they're necks with ease and jumped away licking the blood, a kid screamed. She jumped down behind the kid covering her mouth whispering No witnesses she snapped the kid's neck. Then you saw her snap her neck you..

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