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The Elephant Community Development Program (ECDP) is a 100% local, not-for-profit and ecologically responsible initiative developed for the people and by the people of the Indigenous Bunong Community.

The Bunong were the first inhabitants of Mondulkiri going back as far as 2000 years and have been the care-takers for the elephants of Mondulkiri forests for over 120 years. The elephants are looked after collectively by the villages even today.

Like most indigenous tribes across the world, they pay the price of increased urbanization. While the subject of tourism around of elephants remains controversial, we believe participatory tourism, where the Bunong community can employ their knowledge and skills about elephants for a living. This approach preserves their unique way of life, their self-esteem and the welfare of their domesticated elephants.

These are our humble beginnings but the intent is strong and we aim high. Today we support Bunong families of Pu Lung Village (about 10 km off town) and their elephants, with the success of this program, we aim to support more villages.

For more information on the Bunong Community and their bond with nature / elephants, please read through the 'Bunong Community' page on the blog.
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