Oh no! I return to nothing? Why has everyone left this place! I was starting to enjoy It when I was here...

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So at night, something will come and kill everything in it's path, that it deems a sinner? What sins? These people seem to think that moving about at night, is a death warrant, and the mist seems so dense at night here. Exactly what is this city?
Are Nel, and Cirucci alive? The Vega boy seems to have shown up. Does that mean all the arrancar are here? Maybe, she's here too...?

Starrk pondered on the pressing issues, lightly sighing as he strolled through the streets, he was once again alone. He needed to find shelter.

// Open \\

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Aizen would be walking through the Seireitei with his past Lieutenant now captain +Gin Ichimaru they'd be heading for the Department of Research and Development  as the Captain needed to complete an invention of his the Cja Negation after countless study about the Dangai and the Gargantas which are capable to be opened by the hollows the Head captain would have come up with a version of both that can be used to trap some one in a realm of his creation

Gin ou have anything to report to me??

The captain questioned with a smile on his face as a breeze would pass by the males cloak and hair waving along with the wind as a cloud would pass over them releasing the heat that'd be coming down from the sun as Aizen looks upwards at the large columbus cloud

It seems as its going to rain today...

When your stuck in the most scariest stand off.... Nel is scared...
Bazz-B an Starrk. I'm kinda praying they don't start anything X3 for... They can get scary if let.

"Where there is darkness, there is light. Where there is chaos, there is order. There is always balance to the world, that's why this world is so boring."

Name: Zwølf Azzoro Trandz
Alias: "The sands of destruction"

Species: Arrancar
Mask Remnant: A piece of his mask on his lower jaw
Hollow Hole: Where his heart should be
Race: Asian
Height: 6ft 5inches
Weight: 155lbs

Ressurection Height: 7ft 4inches
Ressurection Weight: 166 lbs

Body Age: Approx: 24
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Espada
Rank: 4

Partners: N/A

Base Of Operations: Los Noches
Ressurection: Arena de Dragòn


Personality: Cold-hearted and emotionless, but fights with honor and doesn't attack an unarmed opponent. He hates people who uses others as simple tools for his goal, which is why he has always hated Aizen, yet he stayed to fight alongside his arrancar comrades.

Non-Ressurection Appearance:
He wears a white trench coat which covers most of his physique, like a ronin.

Powers And Abilities

Master Navigator:
Having travelled through the different worlds multiple times, he has found ways in and out of them without being detected. He has memorized every possible escape route if he ever needed it.

Martial Arts Master: His preference of martial arts over swordfighting has led him to master different martial arts as he travelled the worlds.

Master Swordsman:
Though he prefers hand-to-hand combat. His pride as a warrior led him to practice swordfighting, and that alone is enough to stand against Grimmjow's Resurreccion.

Sand body:
He can turn his body into sand dispersing his reiatsu, making him almost undetectable in this state. This ability is his favorite because it comes in handy when he travels.

Zanpakutō Sealed State:
A black katana he keeps at the back of his waist. Though he rarely uses it, since he prefers hand-to-hand combat.

The release command is:
"Decimate, Arena de Dragòn "

Ressurection Appearance:
By turning the katana into sand and absorbing it, his entire body transforms into that if a wingless dragon. The holes on his back allows him to either spew or absorb sand.

Ressurection Special Ability(s):

Maestro de la Arena:
He can manipulate sand and use it for various purposes; offense, defense, and support, he can even sustain himself for several hours with a critical injury with it. Almost no one can beat him in Las Noches, where sand is abundant

Rugido de arena:
He absorbs a large ammount of sand into his body and blasts it toward his foe, it decimates everything in its path.

Basic Arrancar Abilities

It is the hardened skin of an Arrancar. Because of his preference of hand-to-hand combat, his Hierro is stronger than any other arrancar. He is capable of withstanding Byakuya Kuchiki's bankai head on, and survive unscathed.

Naturally a move to be used by a fighter, a move that increases the speed of an arrancar. Due to his preference for martial arts his Sonido is faster than most arrancar.

A blast of highly concentrated spiritual energy fired at the opponent.

A fraction of the strength of "Cero", "Bala" is 20 times faster and can be fired in rapid-succession, akin to a machine-gun. Because of this speed he is seen to use it many times during a fight.

Greater Spiritual Pressure:
Being the 4th Espada, he had a substantial amount of spirit energy, probably more than enough to harm normal humans and lower class Enemies.

Segunda Etapa
Release command:
"Destroy everything, Caos Dragon

Appearance changes:
During his Segunda Etapa, he transforms into a large dragon roughly the size Las Noches (Think Primal Groudon, but white and controls sand). Sadly, he can only sustain this form for 15 minutes or he'll succumb to his primal instincts and go berserk


Caos Arena:
The sand around him in a 25m radius turns black and thise who come into contact with it is covered with it and dies instantly.

Caos Cero:
In this form his cero turns pitch and disintegrates everything in range.

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(Sorry if it's bad/confusing.)

        I walked along the edge of a tower’s rooftop, looking down onto the vast sea of buildings, which to a alien such as myself, seemed so…. Different. Such detail, made here, more home like, than that of Hueco Mundo.
      Closing my eyes, I can easily visualize my room, my team, the place I once called home, an the ocean of white sand, under the forever-bright, moon. At times, the aching grip of reality on my heart, causes me to realize, I wasn’t meant to be here in karakura, but…ever since I met those soul reapers -…..ever since I met him….life doesn’t seem so restricting anymore. 
      “I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me... Issac Newton. Heh”
      Looking behind myself, right there, laid a book, on this world, one that I chose to read. Finding it, wasn’t as surprising as discovering I had the knowledge to read it, an as each page flipped, as each line filled my mind, I know now, that this world isn’t like that of Hueco Mundo, for within the soil, just as above, there is life. An each life has a purpose. Not a purpose to destroy, but a purpose to build, an live each day smiling, not fighting.
      “If my brothers were here, they’d probably cry, seeing their sister…. Not acting like a child…. As often. But....this is for me....if i want to become stronger, i first must learn more about what I want to be strong for.”

I wasn't sure if we were going by a storyline, at the moment, so i just utilized emotions nel could be feeling.

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Aizen Taichou would walk out from the squad 5 Barracks his captain cloak flowing with the wind as the suns rays would reflect from his glasses


After a long walk the through the Seireitei Aizen would reach the 3rd Divisions barracks walking forth passing all the training Shinigami and would chuckle

All these clueless Shinigami...

Waiting at the door to +Gin Ichimaru room the captain would speak

Gin I need you to cover for me I have experiments to undertake if anyone ask I'm at the Shino Academy teaching...

With those words the captain would vanish Via Shunpo appearing miles always at a roof top concealing his riatsu looking for a lone Shinigami

Who will be tested on today

Aizen would lay his eyes on a fairly tall Shinigami as a grin would form on his face appearing behind the male


Sudenly the male would freeze as I place my palm on his shoulder then vanishing appearing am where it's seem to be an underground chamber

Now to turn you into one of those beast

After hours of experimentation the males body would be inexistent he'd be a completely white hollow I'm his mind he'd be enjoy his day through the Seireitei by in reality the Shingami was pretty much dead as I'd sigh knowing the experiment failed but wrote down all the information gathered in a note pad and placing it in my cloak pocket then burning the body with reishi flames

Hmmmm I'm almost there...


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(( This will be short and sweet. ))

Midori had taken a break after avoiding any farther conversation with that strange boy. She had begun to continue her search, she was going to find the ruins, she had to find them. Upon her search, she'd taken a small rest. That was.. before she sensed an incoming presence. One similar to her own.

+Orihime Inoue​ Woot.


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Cirucci crossed her arms in a bored fashion. Her eyes narrowed and her fist tightened as she tried to sense her Rival, Uryu Ishida. The Privaron wanted to defeat him. It was just something that she wanted. Something that she needed to do. She wondered whether Ishida was even stronger. Clearly he was, But Cirucci wouldn't back down. She turned around to look at the Female Quincy. The one that she made a "Promise" to

Hey, Shorty. You ready to go or what? I can't be bothered to wait any longer. The way I see it. The longer I take to Defeat him the more he'll get stronger. Well, Not that I expect the Four-Eyes to actually get stronger.

She grinned at +Giselle Gewelle

Oi +Uryū Ishida 石田 雨竜​ be ready.
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