app has stopped working. On opening the app I receive an internal error message, this has been going on for several days now.

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Hi, Your response is completely useless. The zip link to download does not work and does not even work on the screen to sign up to the site.

This is the best app for weather!
I have a little question: when will be available the air quality for Romania?
Thank you. 

On my widget The settings keep changing back to celcius and white text. How can i keep the widget as i set it? 

I Bought this exelant app. But find one problem with it. The tide table doesn't compare with tide table of my area nl. Port Elizabeth South Africa. Can you help me I love this app but tide info definitely wrong. 

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Air quality on the map with new version of the eWeather HD

New beta version 7.1.0 of the eWeather HD was published.

The new version adds Air quality on the map, options for change icons and buttons size on the map. Also, new version makes battery usage optimization.

New beta version is available on the Google Play and our WEB site

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New beta version 7.0.2 of the eWeather HD was published.

The new version resolved problem with notifications on the Android 7.x
Android 7.x groups notifications into one summary notifications. In result sky, temperature, alerts etc icons in the status bar merged into one icon and stay invisible. New version does not allow groups notifications into one.

New beta version is available on the Google Play and our WEB site

Just thought about clock-like forecast display, why it is fantastic?
You wake up, and just want to glimpse what day will be today.
Looking at clock face you exactly feel were is morning, noon, afternoon, where is exactly each hour. Without looking for hour number, just at once with no effort. You get right away full picture of the whole day. This is fantastic.

At timeline chart you have to look at hours on axis, read the hours, then read weather data. This makes big difference.

So for really quick getting today's weather the clock-like chart is unbeatable.
On the other hand, timeline chart is better for more detailed analysis and for longer period, longer then just today.

(That's why I think, on clock face it would be nice to see also wind speed or feels like temperature together with existing data (user defined), to get really full picture of the day without clicking, without looking for hours. I know, there is not much room, so it is a challenge :) ).

Your app is great.


eWeather HD is amazing with great customization ability.
From weather clock you catch at once what part of day you see.
The app opens immediately with no time when clicking widget (many other apps disappoint in this).
All of this makes the app really useful and comfortable.

But there is one thing that falls behind. You can't see the forecast hour(s) by hour(s) for third, forth day. Only 48 hours. It would be great to see 3rd, 4th day to see with resolution every 3 hours. So next to 48 hours, introducing 96 hours mode (4 days or so) is very desirable.
Scenario: It is Wednesday and you want to plan coming weekend in detail. Seeing merely the whole Saturday or Sunday is not enough. To plan outdoor activity you need to see what will be before, at and after noon.

My suggestions of new developments that users welcome with pleasure:
1. Add 96 hours (=4 days) mode for hour(s) by hours(s) chart (every 3 hours seems to be optimal, but then horizontal scrolling of chart is necessary or switching 1/2 and 2/2).
2. Next to weather clock add bar with next 2 or 3 days for quick switching. You click [+1 day] and you see the clock face for tomorrow from hour X. Again click [+1 day] and you see the clock for tomorrow but from hour X+12. So the switching bar would have [today] [+1d] [+2d]. Hour X could be fixed (=0 AM) or set by user in settings. The clock face is fantastic, extend its usability!
3. Possibility to display 2 (or 3 better) weather parameters together on clock face (e.g, temperature / precipitation / wind).
4. For charts, count every N hours from fixed time, e.g. 0AM, so if you set every 3 hours, you always see the same day fragments (0/3/6/9/12/15/18/21) regardless what time you open the chart. Thanks to it you get better of day fragments and you get used to it.
5. Make it possible to set different colors for temperature and feels like temperature (now you can't distinguish the chart lines).
6. Make it possible to set red (or so) Sunday on charts (or the whole weekend).

Thank you and I wish you further successful developments.
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