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Chapter 2, Upgrade

"Neo! Neo Meritt! Someone is waiting for you!" Yelled Harriet, the Military Police attendance monitor. "Coming!" Neo came tumbling down the stairs, dropping whatever trinket he was making. It shattered into tiny pieces of screws and plates and bolts. "Dang it that took me all morning... Oh yes! Harriet who requires my assistance?" Asked Neo. "The southern commander of the Scouting Legion, Maverick Chase." She replied. The doors swung open, and a battered, sweaty Scout barged in. Neo! Your equipment sucks! Neo twitched. It wasn't the first time he's heard that. His head filled with rage. He slapped himself in the face. "Sorry 'bout that. How can I help?"

"Remember around 70 years ago, that Angel Aaltonen, who created 3DMG?" Asked Neo. "Well I have come up with two designs for new versions. First I have Anti-Personal Maneuver Gear which will be used by the Military Police and Anti-Human Maneuver Gear where blades extend off of the hand, the same place where the cable is shot. Thought Neo. "But how would we have cables shooting from the arms without breaking his bones? We do need to apply physics to this." "Fair point. Maybe we could use straps like a brace?" "Excellent! Hehe... look at us dorks messing with physics and engineering... why didnt we just join the garrison like our parents wanted too?" Asked Maverick. "Because we have freedom, Ricky. Infact, your insignia is called "The Wings of Freedom".We should be proud." "Well..." started Maverick. " Jerris still joined The Garrison. Where does that put him?" "He chose too. People cand deny freedom if they wish. Some people enjoy living as cattle." Said Neo. "Well I better get going. I'll need to test these designs out. I'll have prototypes by tommorow." Said Neo. "Bye Ricky!" "Bye Neo." The door shut, as Maverick walked down the stairs and outside, He heard a whisper. "Psst." He heard. "Pssssst!" He heard from the Underground Entrance. "I have somthing you may wanna look at." A news paper slid towards him. As he picked it up he read the front article. SCHOOLBOY ERWIN SMITH'S FATHER/TEACHER MURDERED! "What does this mean?" Asked Maverick. "It means the Military Police have something to hide."

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Chapter 3: Eyes

Jerris climbs the wooden ramp over the lip on the wall. As he does so, He trips and falls face first into the brick. Funny, He thought. He could've swore he heard something coming from inside the wall, like breathing. He shrugged it off and continued his stroll on top of the walls. Pssh--TING--Psssssh! He hears. "Spring boots..." He mumbles. "You know I hate when as soon as your friend comes up with some new machine you have to instantly test on the wall, Maverick." Jerris scolds. "Sorry Jerris, I forgot how protective you are of your stupid wall. It's barely a dent!" He replied. "I was born in a really Wallist family I can't help it!"
"Well anyway Jerris, your lucky I'm not testing Neo's Steam Death gun, Which I have to show you sometime it's awesome! Besides going deaf, they are really helpful and could replace our cannons. They are so powerful, you don't even need to aim!" Maverick says cheerfully. "Okay that does sound pretty awesome. I'll admit it." "There he is! There's the Jerris I know!---oh my god... over there.... Is that..." Jerris looks over to see a titan staring at them. It had features like the Creepy Eyes Titan, but that one was more... feminine. This one was an obvious male, and had a huge black beard. There was a burn mark behind it emmiting steam. Did we miss a lightning strike? Jerris stared at the titan. Was that a syringe it had in its hand? All off a sudden the titan exploded into a bundle of steam. It vanished.


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Chapter 4: The Meritts and Zoes
Serena Zoe and Jerrold Merritt's family has been running in the small town of Qietsiel for quite some time. There were legends of a nearby city made of three giant walls across the ocean, but the idea was ridiculous. The giants would breakthrough eventually, but the town survived the giants simply by being on a steep mountain. Some of the crawlers however, need to be killed by the watchers. They protect them when the cliff can't. "Mommy?" Asked Neo. "There are people on brown pigs running at the town killing giants!" "What?" Asked Serena. She ran outside to find a man wearing a much to small brown coat on a weird animal entering the town the cave entrance. "Who are you?!" Asked Jerrold. Neo walks up to the man and says "Hi mister. Are did you come from the Walls?" "NEO! Thats a childs story get back here!" Yelled Serena. The commotion attracts a crawler and it begins its ascend up the cliff. "Why as a matter of fact, I did. I didn't expect to see life outside the walls. How about you come back with us?" "No!" Yells Jerrold. "Our home is here! My home! Neo---" Jerrold was smashed to the ground by a titan. "SHIT! A DEVIANT TITAN!" Screams the soldier. Everyone scatters and runs, every single one of them dies, except for Neo. The soldier grabs his hand and runs to the Scouting Legion boat. They get on board and set sail. "Mommy...Daddy..." cries Neo. "It's going to be okay." Says two boys on the boat. "I'm Maverick, and this is Jerris. Nice to meet you." "Hi," starts Neo. "I'm Neo Merrit."


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NAME: Neo Meritt


HEIGHT: 5 '3

WEIGHT: He doesn't care, he's still fiddling with the scales pressure system

KNOWN RELETIVES: Unknown (unless you count hange, who isn't born yet)

AGE: 21 (He was born 36 years before Shiganshina fell)

AFFILIATION: Military Police, Commander, Engineer (I know everyone says they are lazy and they suck, but his goal is to change everyone's mind.)


BIO: Neo's family were all poor and they wanted him to join the garrison so they don't have to pay for food, but he joined the military police and became commander and also invented 3DMG and AHSS Gear.

PERSONALITY: Is a very intelligent man who is a severe perfectionist and always believed he can do better. Will enforce the law till he dies and you can't talk to him without him bringing up one of his inventions. He is also very secretive and dedicated when It comes to science. Saying one of his creation sucks is worse then deciding to talk bad about the collosal titan's mom when he is in a bad mood. BAD IDEA.

TALENTS: Is brilliant in 3DMG (He did technically invent it) Can kill titans any way imaginable (despite being in the military police, He will occasionally take a stroll outside the walls) since he creates a new death machine as his morning routine.

- 3D Maneuver Gear
- Antihuman Maneuver Gear
- Grapple Sclicer (ill post a pic of that)
- Steam powered explosive death gun
- Steam powered titan-stomach-acid grenades (you'll see)
- Air shield goggles (Hange wears them since neo is her father)
- Gas pressurizer
- Gate mechanisms on the walls

FRIENDS: Maverick Chase, Jerris Lancaster

Sorry for bad picture quality*


Feel free to post!

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Chapter 1: Survey Corps, Expidition 7

Maverick is riding his horse full speed towards the titan. Francis and Killian slice its ankles on horseback. As the titan falls to the ground, Maverick launches off his horse with his spring loaded boots, and slices the titans nape mid-air. "That should teach em' who's boss, right Francis?" "Hell yeah! Whos boss? Oh yeah, HUMANITY!" Francis says as he does a little dance. "Come on," Killian says. "Quit messin around we got work to d---" BOOM! Killian is interrupted by a flare. "What color is it?" Asks Francis. "It's...Oh shit! Its black! Deviant spotted!" Cries Maverick. "Reassemble Formation! We gotta get out of here! RETREAT!" Francis fires a blue flare as they head back to Shiganshina' s Walls. As they leave the forest, the deviant is waiting for them. He snatches Francis and swallows him whole. He comes crawling towards Killian, and jumps into the air! As he lands he smacks Killian off his horse! "Oh crap... This is where it ends." Maverick notices that nobody has relayed the flares. There All dead... thinks Maverick. He and his horse gallop as fast as the horse can go. He can see the wall just come into view. He spots somthing near him. A strange rock? No. A stone house covered in moss, blending with nearby boulders and trees. And is that in front of him... A skull? Nobody has ever died on there expiditions this close to the wall. Then he sees it, or, her. Behind a tree, a woman cast in shadow. With distinctive freckles. A yellow lightning bolt comes hurling at her and another titan comes running at him with sharp teeth and eyes like hell. The gate is a couple yards away. He can make it! He can make it! Maverick fires a purple flare. A new recruit to the Garrison regiment, Dot Pixis is sleeping on the job when he heres thunder, then a flare. He wakes up startled and rings the alarm bell. The gaurds inside the wall open the gate mechanisms that were just installed by some quirky engineer. Maverick slips through the gate, just as the Creepy Mystery Titan's arm slips through, but gets severed off by the gate. The titan goes running off, but stops. Turns around, and stares at Dot. Staring into his eyes. Then it runs off again. Dot thought he was seeing things but he couldve swore he saw intelligence in those eyes. The eyes that were gateways to hell.

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Writing a fanmade prequel to attack on titan. Stay a member to catch up. I'll be posting one chapter at a time. But you can post as well. How fun is that?

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Awww it's cute Neo Meritt

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Jerris Lancaster
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