any girls wanna add me in hangouts and my gt is SuperiorTwo1943

I have 2 codes for Zombie chronicles and im asking 30$ for each. Hmu if you are interested.

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FAR CRY PRIMAL #6 - Cheirando a mijo.

Who wants to play with me on Minecraft 

Do any body wanna share accounts on xboxlive

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I have Xbox live.
My ID is Swimchick2016
Add me if want to chat or play games.
If do let me know what games u all have and I will tell if I have them.
This is me by the way. 

Guys there a xbox hacker user named NG hacks he hacked my xbox live account if you see him report if he message that means you about to be hacked REPORT HIM

gt: MikkiDawn420
Xbox one & 360
Looking for people to play bo3 and GTA 5 with. Preferably 18+ with mics. 

My gamertag is SpiderELT I have minecraft nba 2k16 Gta 5 and BO3 but I mostly play nba 2k16 minecraft send me a message if u want I'm 13 btw

Add me it's crankiergraph43 i play gta v halo combat evolved anniversary halo 3 halo 4 wwe 2k14 15 and 16 
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