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Hello, i'm new,thank very much for accepting me in the community

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Tags : +SuperSayin Jolt

Ethan decided to train with Jolt at Supreme Kai's Planet. So he can turn into a True Super Saiyan.

Ethan : Jolt Let's do this.

Jolt : Right!

Both Power up at full power

(BTW We will be training twice on Supreme Kai's Planet so I can turn Super Saiyan +SuperSayin Jolt​).
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Where is the profile template?
+The Saiyan God

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☆Roleplay Profile☆


Real Name: Lapiz

Called as: 17

Known as: Android 17


Sister (Android 18(Lazuli) )

Future 17 (Future Self)

Otherworld 17 (Counter Part)


Android 16

Android 18




Base form (Android 17)

Fused form (Android 17 fused with Otherworld 17)
(Super 17)

Ultimate form (Super 17 Fused with Android 18)
(Ultimate 17)



17 is an Android created by Dr.Gero, 17 together with his crew 18 and 16 were destroying the world.

By seing this Kami decided to fuse with Piccolo.

Piccolo went to attack 17 having an equal battle.

Cell decided to use this ocation to absorve 17.

Later Cell absorved 18 and achieved his ultimate form.

Later Gohan defeated Cell and Android 17 escaped from Cells body.

Buu Saga

Android 17 only did his appearance giving energy to Goku doing the Ultimate Spirit Bimb


17 Appeared after baby's defeat receiving a plan from Dr.Gero and he fused with his counter part Making the Super Android 17 making Goku even in his new form have complications so Goku used the dragon fist to kill 17

DB Heroes

Super 17 appeared in a DB Heroes cutscene and fused with android 18 and made Ultimate Super 17


17 Have appeard in the leaks for the universal survival saga

(For super 17 his power level transformation could be 100B and for his ultimate form 120B)

(17 Could be a hero for this roleplay)

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When you just dropped three niggas with 25% of your power and in base
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RP Profile


Character OC


Name Ray God of Destruction

Family Ancestor Of Vegeta

Age 0 (Does not get older)

BackStory Ray was the king of all saiyans in the 13th universe but one day a bountyhunter called hit was ordered by the God of destruction to eliminate the saiyan race, while all his kingdom was being destroyed Ray was having an extremfull rage that decided to attack the bountyhunter, Ray was about to get killed but his wife and son got killed before him, Ray feeled what death was and did a extreme rage that destroyed the entire planet making him go ssj killing everybody else in the planet, Ray had an incredible power that killed the god of destruction and the angel, Zeno Sama saw this and was destroying universe 13, Ray barely escaped but he went to universe 12 almost dead and unconsius freezed in space, 500 years later (now) Ray recovered his consius and tried to turn ssj but he saw he lost all his powers

(Before you say nothing I propose Ray to be the next villain and dont have so big power just make him be equal to the higest oc or chanonical characters in the roleplay and his max form be mastered ssj2)

+The Saiyan God​ so what do you think can Ray be the next villain
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Trained in The Hyperbolic time Chamber with and died to +Mix Lord 392

Multiplier : × 7.5

Old power level : 1,600,000

New power level : 12,000,000

Kaioken × 5 : 60,000,000

False Super Saiyan : 1,500,000,000

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Species: Saiyan
Quote:I will not stop until I become stronger than you
Birthday:March 26 2000
Weight:140 pounds
Goal:Be the strongest
Likes: Friend's, Family, Training,
Dislikes:Evil, Not taken seriously, seeing my friend's or family getting hurt
Personality:Nice, cocky, and very confident
Bio: Grew up with my family they was murdered when I was 10 I was scared and hiding for months I went out around looking for someone to help me kill this guy but I I never found anyone so I started training on my own it was hard to see if I was getting stronger or weaker I was nervous in my first fight I won with eas but I had only started on my journey

List of moves: Kamehameha, , Instantransmition Kamehameha, Burning Attack, Finish Buster, Mansenko, Final Kamehameha, Spirit Sword, Super Kamehameha, Galick Gun, and Spirit Bomb, and Special Beam Cannon, big bang attack, and Time Skip.
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+Sparagus Rey God of life​ you want to muti-Train?

Trained with King Kai and Mastered Kaioken

Old power level : 16,875,000

New power level : 25,312,500

Super Saiyan : 1,265,625,000

SSJ + Kaioken × 10 : 12,656,250,000

SSJ + Kaioken × 20 : 253,125,000,000
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