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I just had an idea on the world after the zombie apocalypse in our AU.

First Idea: COUNTRIES, I'll start off with the first 2 our RPS mostly focus on.

USA: the staring point of the outbreak, it's a desolate, burning pile of ash. It's population is low, and resources are near all but consumed.

Russia: A frozen wasteland, creatures morphed from zombies in Chernobyl spread to Russia, creating a Fallout-ish landscape. Except a lot more barren and, well, cold.

Britain: The least infected, Populations of both zombies AND survivors, the military is still intact and Survivors are often in the farmlands of the British Isles. Not many people held out in London though, as it's almost an empty shell, but few merchants hang around to sell weary travelers gadgets and supplies.

Ukraine: Called the "Radiation Warzone", Zombies here are mutated by Chernobyl, gaining strength, claws, horns, and various other things that will most likely rip you to shreds. Though dangerous, Chernobyl and the other parts of Ukraine are often times FILLED with resources, All the while Russian and Ukrainian factions battle over who gets the land of Ukraine.

Germany: While being like Britan, there's an extra threat thrown into the mix: Die Eidechsen, which are a mysterious, intellegent, and wild faction of Lizard People (yes, you heard that correctly, LIZARD PEOPLE). They usually stalk the streets of the now abandoned Berlin, but have settlements EVERYWHERE from Spain to even parts of Russia, such as Siberia and even hide out in parts of Moscow (though this is being cut down vastly due to the formation of more factions)

Now, for the groups: FACTIONS

Путешествие из них: The Traveling Ones, a quite elder faction from the heart of the Mother Land of Moscow. made by Jerry Kolsanov. This group is focused on spreading across Russia in order to bring balance and stability, but their conquest doesn't end there. They wish to conquest parts of North America, specifically the East Coast of the now fallen United States and Alaska, which, surprisingly, is near safe from the zombies, and also large parts of Asia, such as Japan and China. They also seek to gain land in the East, such as Europe and parts of Britain They are currently battling for dominance, but dominance only, as they are surprisingly a well supplied and well armed group of Russians. They're currently 56,000 members strong, and their army consists of nearly 12,000 people, making a grand total of 68,000 people. They are currently the strongest faction in Asia and Europe. They control land in a large part of Russia, including parts of Siberia, And even have a foothold in the fallen Japanese city of Tokyo, won during the Traveler-Hotoku war, which is still being fought for control of Japan, during the Battle Of Tokyo.


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So uh

How many of y'all still active or still remember this comm

Name:Jack harvey
Personality:Not afraid to kill or do Whats right.He is alert.A risk taker and nice but can turn mean at any time.
Bio:He woke up in his house after an explosion.He was in la and there was no sign of life.Later he found weapons.He survived and made it to atlanta where zombies where ready to take a bite out of him.

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Boxxy running down street being chased by a giant group of zombies ((open 2 anyone))

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in my 'night mare' demon form, fighting off multiple hordes of zombies

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Dangerous members of The Red Ryders
If seen do not approach
Grab whatever you can and evacuate the area
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Bring it on you undead bastards...

A tank appears

Oh god.

(Please note a Tank is a large zombie.. so liar to a body builder. Able to throw rocks from the floor and is certified to kick my
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Rule #1:

Don't let +Grimmjow Jeagerjaques​ get drunk in the apocalypse
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Looking for other survivors with +Bestpet AJ
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