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UwU thx for accepting me. I am Levi Wolf-leviathan Lovesprung, I am a 1,001 year old immortal creature called the wolf-leviathan. Wolf-leviathans aren't all immortal but I sure am one of them, I am in a species that screams that its a dog eat dog world. My breed is the bottom of the food chain when it comes to a leviathan class descendant, it goes from reaper breed at the bottom, sea dragon breed is second until last, emperor breed is a higher up, and ghost breed is the highest. Its a lot to be at the bottom, I don't have much struggle since I am a leviathan class desent, but I could be killed and eaten by any other higher ups in the food chain of wolf-leviathans. I am just above basic prey, I have problems with other wolf-leviathans. I am immortal because my breed is on the verge of extinction, I am the only one in my breed and regular wolves all think my mother was insane. Its not easy in life, even for immortals. My mom and dad had died a year apart and it happened to be on my birthday that I try to keep in the back of my head because depression. I can change form through pink butterflies surrounding me and when they're off, I could be a four legged regular wolf-leviathan, anthropomorphic, a human, a red tailed hawk, a cassowary, a fer de lance pit viper, a reaper leviathan, or anything between any of those. (I don't have a fursuit of Levi Wolf-leviathan Lovesprung yet, but when I am an adult, I plan to make a fursuit of her) (this picture isn't recent)

G'day Mate anyone wanna Roleplay

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PITA is planning a mass attack on all furries. Please i suggest being allert and locking your community by not accepting new members until this calms down. Repost to as many furry communities as you can. Warn everyone!!!
We need to stick together in this time of crisis.
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I really like this

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Should I be a mod?
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