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Name: Lily Neko

Nickname: Siren

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Powers: Can become any animal she wants, She can sing and control men and affect the weather.

Frequent Forms: Fox , Golden kitsune , Lioness, Black Mamba , Bald Eagle, Pony

Sexuality: Bisexual

Bio: She is one of the princesses of the sea, though She has no clue of this. Whenever She touches water, her clothes disappear and her fishy features appear, causing her to drop where She stood until She becomes dry again. Her large tail is an Glowing shade of sky blue with gold, though may sometimes appear different shades depending on the temperature and type of water. She absolutely adores singing, though She has to be careful because She hates it when She drags people to a watery grave due to her hypnotizing voice.

Personality: She is very shy around others but when shes with animals or in water shes an open book

Appearance: Her hair is a light brown while her eyes are a dark hazel, She's mostly seen wearing gold, red, or blue. Her favorite type of clothing are loose and flowing shirts with jeans, At night you find her singing the song of the sea. When she's alone you'll find her wearing her Kitsune mask which will turn her into her golden kitsune form

How she found her power : Lily always loved to sing but one day when she was singing at the beach with her parents, her father drowned himself..along with her younger brother Luke...She was then abandoned by her mother who blamed her for it. So she ran away and became a pony
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