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Over the past several days, we've been aware of a Google-quota-related performance issue in the "Device Cache" used in Chrome Gopher to refresh data for reports.

Noticeable symptoms may have included:
1. A perpetually spinning "Running" spinner / state when viewing the reports tab.
2. A thrown JSON error when attempting to run reports.
3. Stale data in reports.

We have just redeployed the cache service with fixes to improve performance.

To rectify the above issues in your environment, you may also need to "reset" your cache.

To accomplish this, we recommend clicking "Disable" and then "Enable" again from the Cache settings UI, which can be accessed from the "Reports" section of the Chrome Gopher sidebar.

Please contact our support desk if you continue to see issues with the Device Cache, or any other issues with the tool:

After launching the side-bar, getting stuck at "Digging for Chrome APIs...". Any known remedies?

How do you by this in Europe?

My data shows that I have 12,000 Devices With No Policy Sync in Last 15 Days. These devices are on the network. What would prevent the policy sync?

Has anyone had issues pulling Gopher Buddy data since they got the issues last week fixed? I keep getting no data and a message stating "Could not connect to Gopher Buddy servers."

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Chrome Gopher Automatic Data Reports (Data Studio Import) - Includes Last User/IP Addresses/Etc

Is it currently possible to create one of the reports shown in the picture where it refreshes each day to report on last know user and location? This would also include the Gopher Buddy information. I'd like to use data studio to make a nice little report filter so that I can give to our campus technology people to help them find lost or stolen Chromebooks. I currently give them access to Google Admin, but I'd like a one stop shop to get all of this information they need and allow them to filter by the serial or student email. I've noticed the only type of reports I seem to be able to integrate with Data Studio that updates automatically are based on device usage and chrome os versions.

Having problems updating 4800 devices from a CSV file. It has always been hit or miss. I have to try 2 or 3 times before it will get to the Update button but now I can't get that far. It keeps coming back to the "Get Devices" button having run through about 20 "writing to pages" messages.

Just received my Gopher for Chrome license and I have a question: does the data in the spreadsheet list the IP Address for the selected Chromebooks, or just the MAC Addresses?


Keep getting this eamil

Your script, Gopher for Chrome, has recently failed to finish successfully. A summary of the failure(s) is shown below. To configure the triggers for this script, or change your setting for receiving future failure notifications, click here.


Error Message Count
Authorization is required to perform that action. 288
Start Function Error Message Trigger End
8/25/18 9:30 PM trigger_cacheRunner Authorization is required to perform that action. time-based 8/25/18 9:30 PM
8/25/18 9:35 PM trigger_cacheRunner Authorization is required to perform that action. time-based 8/25/18 9:35 PM
8/25/18 9:40 PM trigger_cacheRunner Authorization is required to perform that action. time-based 8/25/18 9:40 PM

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Anybody know WTH with my sidebar?
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