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FAQs for Vanir (Please Read Before Posting!)
1) Can you help?
Hell yes!  We need testers, device maintainers, coders, artists, XDA thread managers.
If you have something to give, we would love your help!
We have some tutorials here for people looking to start tinkering with the source code:
And our homepage has even more resources:


Nuke's Hosting Bill $189 monthly:

2) Submitting a bug: 90% of bug reports lack the vital information required for a fix.
- Device?  Use the call sign! Jflte is your GS4.  Do not call it I545ZWAVZW
- What nightly are you on?
- Clean or Dirty flash?
- Custom kernel?
- When did it start?
- Brief description
- Steps to replicate
- Log?  Post it on or a similar NO LOGIN NEEDED, plain text website.  We will NOT sign up for anything to read your log!
3) Logcat,... umm what's that?
If you can root your phone, then you can grab a high quality log.  Short and sweet logs are better than long ones.  If you search the log and do not see the words   fatal  or  error  then you missed the problem.
4) Where can I get Vanir?
4a) Pro-tips on your first build:
5) GAPPs?
Why not use Vanir's?
6) Commotio vs Vanir?
Commotio is DHO's take on Vanir.  Different UI, scripts, and often testing new features that may be merged into Vanir.
They are 100% compatible and users can pick their favorite.
7) Source + Changelogs
Nightly chargelogs are on the nightly pages.  The source is it's own unabridged log
7a) Our Gerrit:
7b) Our Git:
8) Feature Requests
You can ask in general discussion BUT in general WE DO NOT ACCEPT written requests.
We gladly accept and review all features submitted to our gerrit.
We do not add every feature just because we can; The goal is outstanding user experience, not just a bulky bag of tricks.
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Czy jest dostępny jakis rom na Galaxy Grand Prime?

I'm on KLTE using B139-commotio. I've been trying to use B140-commotio, with no luck stuck on bootup animation.
Was B139 the last stable release for this device? Thanks.

link de rom para el s3 gt- i9300

Are you planing to move to android 9.0 develpoment.?asking,cuz this roms used to be pretti stable and minimal,so I would like to see 9.0.

gostei consegui atualizar meu Samsung S Duos 2 S7582l, estava dando erro "E:unable mount system/", somente o teclado aosp parou no boot.
Como resolvo este problema?

Hı friends. I Need to Vanir rom 4.4.4 Commotion version. Pleas link...

Hı friends .Vanir rom 4.4.4 nigtly Commotion version for I9300
Pleas link

Hello! I see that the latest build is from 22 of May and the Gerrit link doesn't work. Has something happened to the development of the room?

when does a rom for LG G5 come?
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