Sorry I haven't said anything in a while. I've been sick on and off for the past 2-ish weeks.. In that time though I've been working on cleaning my audio (now it'll be louder and the background noise'll be gone) and I believe I have everyone I need voice wise for ep. 1 of this. 

For those who like working ahead, and or/don't have a lot to do, I'm working on the script for more episodes. Due to how slow this proses was going I thought it would be a good idea to give the main voices stuff to voice before school/work/anything else started to grab your full attention.

I was able to find someone who'll be doing Gretchen's and then probably Kviyat Kor's lines!  She also has some friends who she'll ask if they are interested in a role. Which is good because I haven't heard back from the guy who at least was going to voice Ebald. By the way, if any of you know anyone you think would be interested in a role, please have them email me!

As a heads up, I'm going to be traveling to spend time with some family for a few weeks. While there I'll try to get some one to do Raane because he only shows up in the first ep. I won't be able to edit while there, but I will be able to record audio.

I don't know if he was added or he could join himself, but someone who wasn't connected to this project had joined. If random was added, please ask first, if he joined himself, how do I stop that.

Life has happened to a few people I had, so now I need voices for
and Raane

Sorry for the lack of...everything. I've been sick and than I had a prior agreement to take care of.

I am trilled to say that I have now recorded all of the narration. All that's left are: lines from- Brik'o, Ebald, Thayla, Gretchen, and I'm holding out for someone to do Raane's. Finding and placing music, and the same for pictures.

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