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Open Legends!

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Name Jirach
Pokemon Jirachi
Moves dazzling gleam Psychic Recover healing wish
Ability serene grace
Personality curious Shy quite kind
Lv 5
Gender male


Betrayed by its friends and family. It wanders the land in surch of pokemon he can trust and truly call freind.

((Night time)) i walk along the islands in search of darkrai when he appears ah darkrai your gonna be mine now i send out garchomp and order him to attack with dragon rush and darkrai retaliates with dark void no i use a awakening to wake up garchomp then he uses crunch ok he's nearly there i throw a dusk ball 1 click... 2 clicks... 3 clicks... The dusk ball breaks dammit so close well garchomp use dragon rush once more garchomp attacks and then is put to sleep by dark void ok time for another dusk ball i throw a dusk ball 1 click... 2 clicks... 3 clicks... The ball breaks dammit ok c'mon back garchomp and c'mon out steelix i switch them out then steelix uses iron tail ok let's weaken him more he dodges darkrais dark pulse and bites him with crunch ok doing good one more should do it he uses iron tail then is put to sleep by dark void ok I'll try this once more i throw a dusk ball 1 click... 2 click... 3 clicks...!...!...! The ball darkens hell yea darkrai your mine

Who wants to be Mod?

Name: Rocky Shade Vortex
Age: 17
Likes: the darkness
Dislikes: stuck up selfish people
Bio: he is often found in the shadows by himself thinking of his long since dead family. He was saved from the fire that destroyed his home by a giblets which is now his garchomp.

Pokemon team:

Move sets
Steelix: crunch, iron tail, bite, bind
Absol: dark pulse,shadow ball, bite, extreme speed
Crobat: fly, crunch, ariel ace, extreme speed
Garchomp: dragon rush, Draco meteor, dragon rage,hyper beam
Tortterra: wood hammer, crunch, rock climb, leaf storm
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