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Please note: there is an annoying bug in the latest version of Appsii which is causing it to crash in the introduction screen. I will release a fix for this tonight.

I cant get the hotspot on my screen....i have paid vertraging.

I used the original appsi as my exclusive app drawer, no other app sidebar even compared. It was a mandatory app that I used on every device. I absolutely loved it. I knew the second appsii existed, but was always more comfortable with the original (especially since I was never able to get past the location setup and get to the menu).

Updating to nougat unfortunately killed the original for good. After trying for quite a bit I finally got past the location screen, not even sure what the issue there was. I have to say that after actually usingit, tI love this second version almost as much.

There's a few things that would make it a huge improvement for me.

I'd like to be able to remove the header on the app page, and to be able to adjust the size of text, icons, and list spacing.

Also wondering if there is a way to remove tags. I don't use the recents tag and don't see a way to remove a tag that I just made either.

I'm not even sure if development is still active on this, but even if it isn't, I want to thank you for all you have done with this and the original. I really can't stand using my phone without a persistent sidebar, and yours are easily the best.

Did not like Appsii at all. Really weird interface, no widget support like its former, just bad overall compared to the original Appsi.
+Nick Martens, I understand this is not your life project, and that you have your priorites, but is it really that hard and time consuming to do just a simple update to the original Appsi?
Just fixing the widget stability issues, where some don't update (whatsapp widget is a good example, you need to close and re-open the app for it to update). Few minor fixes here and there and maybe add folders creation, ability to add shortcuts such as direct dial. I mean, you can add widgets but not the shortcuts, why? Shouldn't be that hard, is it?

Thanks in advance, as I've said in my review, I've tried 20 or so sidebar apps, this has the potential to be the answer to all, the best.

Still using it, just show us a little support too.

Hey +Nick Martensโ€‹, appsi is crashing on launch on the Nexus 6P with Nougat installed. I've sent a crash log, let me know if you need anything else...!

Can someone tell me if it is possible to overlay a parallax effect over a live wallpaper? I have a really neat LWP but it needs depth. Is there some kind of filter i can put on it or a way to make the icons float? I know it sounds trivial but i can't code and need this to work. So if a knowledgeable person or a developer willing to work with me could contact me that would be awesome. Thanks guys. ๐Ÿ’—

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Steroid problem. First this in my status bar:
Next I tap it and it takes me to Pages and this is what I see: No pages no way to make pages it is just a screen that says pages. What do i do?

Does anyone still support this app? I need help. The widgets and the shortcuts in my cells and sometimes the cells themselves keep disappearing. Please get back to me!

Keeps crashing on both of my devices when i try to add widgets or run an app search. Please can you fix it? I'm not very fond of Appsii and would rather stick with Appsi
๐Ÿ“ฑ HTC One m9 (T-Mobile)
๐Ÿ“ฑ Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (T-Mobile)

Any progress in the Open Source world?
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