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Please note: there is an annoying bug in the latest version of Appsii which is causing it to crash in the introduction screen. I will release a fix for this tonight.

I cant get the hotspot on my screen....i have paid vertraging.

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A small update on what is coming soon. I have been very busy last two weeks with a lot of things besides Appsii, so unfortunately there was no update last weekend. Right now I am working on getting the search page ready, and completing the final parts of the home page, especially with the weather stuff.
I added a details page for the weather. This is still not fully done, but it makes the weather cells far more useful. Images are downloaded from flickr, from the same group the yahoo weather app uses. There's some stuff incomplete, especially land-scape support, wind direction and showing values using the correct unit.
I hope to get all this stuff finished by the weekend!
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Hi Nick! Looking forward on how the new Appsii evolves! I think you're doing a very good job and I like pretty much all the requests and new features that you said are coming!

However, I have a bug with the in-app purchase. I bought the "Everything" pages package  and I have a problem to keep those new panels alive. By alive I mean that I can use them by side scrolling with the Appsii sidebar, but after a while Appsii can't scroll past the Home and Apps panels.

To make them work again, I need to :
    - get back to the Appsii settings
    - Stop the Appsii sidebar
    - Close/Quit the application
    - Start Appsii again
    - Go to the Pages setting so it scans that I bought the pages (I need to be connected to the Internet or it just shows "Unlock" like if I didn't bought it)
    - Then I need to go to the "Panels" setting and toggle all the pages to activate them and reorder them as I want or the "Home" and "Apps" are at the end. Sometimes the others Pages are not shown so I need to exit the application and reactivate it.

Looking forward for the new Weather section and the Search panel!


If this can help, I'm using a Moto G with Lollipop 5.0.2

New Appsii release. This release fixes a few crashes and adds a default tile-color to the widgets. I have started writing some tests to fix the behaviour of the home editor. This improves the stability of Appsii.
The bug with the scrolling widgets has not yet been solved. However thanks to your feedback I am now able to reproduce it.
I will try to fix this one as soon as possible. 

New version of Appsii. I uploaded a small bugfix release which also allows you to use scrolling widgets properly.
It fixes all crashes that occurred in the previous release as well.

If you run into any issues, please let me know.

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I just uploaded Appsii beta 0.9.8 to Google Play. This version includes partial support for the app-widgets and fixes a few bugs.
You can now scroll through the list of tags on the Apps page, and it is no longer limited by the height of the page.

I say partial support, because scrolling the widgets is not yet properly implemented and the widgets are now always shown in a card, which looks weird if the widget itself includes a card. Everything else should work just fine. I am looking forward to your feedback.
To enable a widgets, just go to the home page editor and change the type to app-widget. Next, when you open Appsii, you can choose an App-Widget from there.

The next version will include improvements for the widgets and perhaps the search page if I am able to complete it in time for the release.

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What do you think the priorities should be?
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App widget support in home
Settings page
Sms page

I've been using the old Appsi because I am not really a fan of material design which wastes a lot of space imho. But yesterday Playstore notified that the plugins I've been using have been updated. Unfortunately these crashes Appsi, so I had to upgrade to Appsii as well.

Below are my comments after using Appsii for a day:

1 the new home page is much more flexible and nice looking. But customising it is not intuitive.

2 the Apps page, as I feared, showing too little info due to the huge looking icons and redundant material design styles like menus for each and every item etc. Yes I know can set the column count smaller but then the apps names all becomes truncated and looks messy. I wish there's a way to make the page clean and minimalist like the old Appsi. Maybe some way to make the list view more like the old Appsi.

3 call log page is missing the favourite callers list which I really rely on to make quick calls. Will it be brought back?

Overall it's a worthy upgrade but still many areas that feels unpolished. Thanks Nick 😊

I again uploaded a small bugfix release for Appsii. This should solve the most recent crashes. I also pushed an update for Appsi, because I mistakenly changed something I shouldn't have which caused all of the plugins to stop working. The beta update for Appsi should fix that.

If something else stops working in Appsi, please let me know. As far as I can tell everything should function just fine again.
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