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Five Nights Without Eth: The Community

There's a Restaurant and Entertainment Location starring animatronics such as RoxasXIIkeys, Sweet Cookie101, Ziko Renamon, PhoenixKev, Dat Phantom Tho, Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon, IndigoGamer000 and many others, and the main host of the establishment is a golden animatronic cupcake by the name EthGoesBOOM, all the children loved him, they enjoyed his voice acting and roleplaying. This location and animatronics were run by two managers who used to be great friends, the location was such a wonderful place. The year 2017 has arrived and everyone hoped that this year would be even better than the last.

But then, on January 2017, on Friday the 13th, the day of all bad luck, something terrible had happened, the main manager realized his partner was nothing but a murderer trying to ruin his reputation. His partner murdered a lot of children and stuffed their corpses into all the animatronics except for EthGoesBOOM. He tried to warn everyone, but no one listened to him, instead, they believed in his partner's lies, causing the main manager to go into depression, he committed suicide and his spirit moved on into the EthGoesBOOM animatronic.

One night, The animatronic host EthGoesBOOM had now gone missing, never to be seen again, the spirits of the rest of the animatronics can only be at peace with EthGoesBOOM here, now that he's gone missing, the spirits of these animatronics have all been angered and have made it their mission to bring back EthGoesBOOM no matter what, they suspect that the night guard is the one responsible for EthGoesBOOM going missing.

Will they succeed on their own though? Well, you the player, must also play your part, you must search for all the minigames hidden in each night that will allow the Community of animatronics to succeed in finding EthGoesBOOM, giving them all their happy ending and be at rest once again.

Inspired by +Sweet Cookie101's video:

I can't do this myself though, I need help from very talented people like +IndigoGamer000 and +Sweet Cookie101 and many others to make this possible, because sadly I don't know how to animate or make FNaF fan-games. The only thing I can really do is come up with the story and even do voice acting, that's all I'm really able to do. So if anyone is willing to help out, please join the dev team. Who's with me?!

EDIT: To make things easier, we are turning Five Nights Without Eth: The Community into a FNAF SFM MOVIE! =)

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My trailer for Fuve Nights without Eth: The Community with Wolfie and her gang. Enjoy

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+Sweet Cookie101​i would love to show eth how much I care about him , so here is my fnaf oc, I hope I can be in it

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Hi. I'm new here. My OC Is Wolfie Moon and this is her gang for my own story, Those Nights at Wolfie's Funhouse. If they can be in the story and Movie, that will be great. If not, then just Wolfie Please. Thank you +Sweet Cookie101

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+Sweet Cookie101 Just asking if you made my character in SFM if not then here is the picture. Sorry if I keep on asking I just want to support EthGoesBoom

So far I got the entire beginning of the story and the very end of the story written down for Five Nights Without Eth: The Community. All I need to do is finish the rest of Night 1 and 6, and completely write all of Nights 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The one thing I'll truly need help with afterwards is the script and what the characters should say.

I'm going to be giving you all the story I wrote so far for the FNaF SFM Movie, Five Nights Without Eth: The Community, I'm currently having trouble thinking of something for half of Night 1 and 6 and the rest of Night, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and I'll need you to share me your ideas. Okay, here's what I got:

Sunday, December 25, 2016, Christmas Day

A Christmas Party was going on possibly the most hugest, successful and very popular Pizzaria and Entertainment Location called “Ethan and Friends” which starred SO MANY animatronics based off of FnaF YouTubers like PhoenixKev, Dat Phantom Tho, Ziko Renamon, RoxasXIIIkeys, Mew Bunny, Sweet Cookie101, IndigoGamer000, Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon, and so many more, and at the center of the main show stage standing on a podium was the mascot of the establishment, the Golden Cupcake animatronic host, known by the name EthGoesBOOM (Which was named after the manager of the place). The children loved EthGoesBOOM so much, they enjoyed his amazing voice acting and funny gameplay videos displayed on screen, all the children loved him so much.

Ethan and Friends and the animatronics was owned by the main manager named Ethan, who is the founder of the place, builder of the animatronics, and the animator for the videos displayed on the showstage screen. He had business partner who were such great friends for over a year, and they’re restaurant was such a success. The manager, Ethan, loved seeing the smiles on the children’s faces, it made him so happy because he cares so much for the people he entertained. Pretty soon it started to become 2017, where the biggest 2016 compilation video was presented to all the children, they loved every moment of it, and all the children and even Ethan hoped that 2017 will be an even better year.

Friday, January 13, 2017, Bad Luck Day

When Ethan wanted to meet up with his partner for plans on what to do for 2017, he witnessed something terrible, evesdropping, he noticed that his business partner was stuffing murdered kids into animatronic suits. Ethan was terrified and tried contacting the police, when they got there, everything was hidden so well, and his partner was playing the victim card, the police ended up believing him and left, his business partner knew Ethan found out, and told him what he was planning, he’s trying to ruin his reputation just because he was far more successful than him. Ethan had tried warning others, but they didn’t listen either and instead only believed his partner’s lies. He went into a huge depression and committed suicide. His business partner now took charge of the establishment, and Ethan’s spirit went into the EthGoesBOOM animatronic.

The next day, before the night shift.

The business partner noticed that the EthGoesBOOM animatronic was missing, and then just didn’t care and left. After he left the building, all the other animatronics started to go twitchy and crazy. They have become angered haunted animatronics that wish for EthGoesBOOM to return, his entertainment is what kept them from being angered after death, but with him gone, they can’t be at peace. Even some haunted plushies, shadow animatronics, and ghost children have started wandering the place.

Night 1

The night guard was beginning his shift, he first stops to see the animatronics in different stages, and then made his way to the office, he gets his call from the phone guy talking about the place. While he’s listening to phone guy, the FNaF YouTuber animatronics start moving, and he doesn’t notice until half way into phone guy’s speech when he checks the cameras, and then when he turns on the light to the door/hall, he notices an animatronic there and tries to defend himself. (Needs more after this)

Night 2

(Nothing right now)

Night 3

(Nothing right now)

Night 4

(Nothing right now)

Night 5

(Nothing right now)

Night 6 (First half)

(Nothing right now)

5 AM of Night 6

The business partner has returned and all the animatronics now know who to blame for all their suffering, they started chasing after the business partner who ran into a secret room, and there he finds an empty Rye-Rye99 suit, he completely ignores the danger warning on the wall next to the next and puts it on, the animatronics come in and see the partner disguised in the Rye-Rye99 suit, he starts laughing and then suddenly the suit just went off killing him inside the suit. After getting killed, EthGoesBOOM finally shows up, appearing like a hallucination and floating in the air like Golden Freddy would and thanked all the animatronics and the night guard for helping him be happy again, they lock that secret room in case the partner comes back from the dead, they all return to the stage, the night guard decides to take charge of the building so the business doesn’t die, he works with the animatronic EthGoesBOOM now who will continue to voice act and make amazing videos for the children, and the animatronics are no longer angered and now it’s 6 AM, and the children return to be entertained again, making 2017 a better year as promised.

For everyone who wants to be in the FNaF SFM movie Five Nights Without Eth: The Community, comment down below so I can list you.

EDIT: You're not actually playing the role of FNaF characters, but rather you get to play the role of your own fan-made animatronic that's meant to be you. The animatronics of this movie are based off of us from the EthGoesBOOM community.

Also, describe how you want your animatronic self to look like to +Sweet Cookie101 who will be doing the models for the movie.

I just got another idea everyone! If it turns out that it will be impossible to make a fan-game out of Five Nights Without Eth: The Community, then we can turn it into an SFM movie!
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