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The Costs of Aging in Place

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Proof that it's not all downhill if you're older in #Hollywood. #aging

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An Aerial View of Retirement Part 2

We’ve already discussed the first three elements of our Aerial View of Retirement Design.  Today we will finished with the last three, Where, Why, and How.  Here we go.

#RetirementPlanning, #RetirementDesign, #SecondRetirement

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Did you see this heart warming response from the people of Prestwich over Christmas? Something to cheer you up on the first day back in the office after Christmas - 

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An Aerial View of Retirement Part 1

Have you ever flown in a plane, a helicopter, or better yet a hot air balloon and looked down to notice that the whole world seems to divide itself into neat little squares that we never seem to notice from the ground?  It’s that view from above that brings clarity, so let’s look at your retirement design from the clouds to gain some perspective.

#secondretirement, #retirementdesign, #retirementplanning, #hillandalecommunities

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From Texas Senator Judith Zaffirini

Thank you, voters of Senate District 21, for the opportunity to represent you in the Texas Senate. My staff and I are so grateful for the countless opportunities to make a difference for the families of our great district and state.
You can count on my continued best effort on your behalf and on behalf of all Texans.
My priorities are many, but at the very top are education in general, with an emphasis on early and higher education; and health and human services, with a focus on the very young, the very old, the very poor, and persons with disabilities.
Like Zorro, I strive to be "a friend of the weak and the poor and the meek."
Abrazos for all, Z!

Kris Hood This is the wonderful Texas law maker who was the primary guardianship reformer last session. Best Christmas present ever! 

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5 Real Dangers of Aging

The 5 Real Dangers of Aging are bona fide hazards that shorten the lives of aging people.  They  are not unique to any location and can affect folks living at home or anywhere else.

#retirementfears, #retirementplanning, #retirementliving, #hillandalecommunities, #secondretirement

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Facing the 5 Big Fears of Moving to a Retirement Community

We all have fears that are irrational – it's part of being human. And, just because a fear is irrational, that doesn't mean that we aren’t affected by it. Here are some of the most common things that potential residents say that they fear and the truth behind them.

#retirementfears, #retirementplanning, #retirementliving, #hillandalecommunities, #secondretirement
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