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D-DROPS 30 ml (30 ml)-Vitamin D3 drops

According to estimates, vitamin D deficiency affects 70 per cent of the population. We extracted the active agent of D-drops, vitamin D3 , from cod liver, adding natural flavours. Its dosing is simple and it can be applied by mixing it into food or drinks. Its liquid form can ensure vitamin D supply for the whole family.

Package:30 ml.
Dosage:3 drops daily, in a drink.
Ingredients:1200 I.U.-Vitamin D3

• Those spending most of their days indoors,
• those struggling with being overweight as they have a higher demand of vitamin D,
• everyone in order to maintain their immune system as vitamin D contributes to the normal
functioning of the immune system,
• people who value the health of their bones and teeth as vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth,
• pregnant women because of the proper development of the embryo’s skeletal system and the protection of mothers’ bones,
• during breastfeeding in order to maintain appropriate vitamin levels,
• vegetarians,
• people struggling with sun allergy.

Read more: The role of vitamin D preserving our health

The product must be stored away from direct sunshine. It is not to be applied in conditions involving high serum calcium levels such as hypercalcaemia. Seek your physician’s advice in the case of renal stones and sarcoidosis, as well as the application of other preparations containing #vitaminD  

You can order this product only online on the link that is provided.
For all your inquiries and information contact:
Skype: cveuwe or cveuwe_ita
Phone: +31 10 205-2256
+31 10 205 22 55
8-4 p.m CET Monday to Friday
Rotterdam -The Netherlands

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