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Kindom of blood
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Kindom of nightmare

Kindom of mortals

Kindom of the dead

Kindom of the Gods
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Walks on the street

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Name tsukune aono

Human/can turn into vampire

Age 18

My description

I died once but came back to life and I was more powerful.

My Quote. If your dead just stay dead

Likes. Emos. Food. Blood. Video games.

Hates. Idiots. Spammers. Gross food. Demons.

Well thats me.


((Ok, now its time for me to actually do some roleplaying.))
Joshua is knocked out on the streets,bitten, and nearly turned...... He's already on stage 4, second to last stage

walking around enemy territory, waiting to either die, or turn
This dare has gone far enough. I cant stand those bitches anymore.

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Name: William Maddox 

Nickname: Time-traveling Vampire Food or just Will 

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Mostly Human. But Is 25% Ghoul (giving him ghoul eyes)

Likes: To give hugs, to help people out, playing video games, time traveling, flying an aircraft, defend friends, hunt zombies, go on crazy adventures, WAFFLES!, and apples, getting bitten by vampires

Dislikes: Making people upset, crashing his airship, and checking his watch and Creep (character in his universe that hates him a lot)

Weapons/Gear: Airship, his death telling watch (tells him if people will die soon)and wormhole bag.

Skills: Clever-minded, telekinesis, and small healing factor 

Personality: Shy to strangers and humans, but pretty much nice to everyone. Very funny at times. and a lovable person. (Sorry girls he's taken already) 

Mom: Ticci Toby (from a world where he becomes a girl as of result of magic mushrooms)

Dad: Eyeless Jack (this is where the 25 % ghoul blood comes from)

Bio: Born looking like a human and having ghoul eyes, Will is actually 25% ghoul. This makes his blood more desirable to vampires, or a ghoul's master. Will; however, is immune to their vampirism. When he was born, Will was cursed by Slender. Slender has Will kill his friends if Slender doesn't find them to "fit." When he was around the age of 6 Will's current friends made fun of his goggles and insulted his class. Will invited them to his mansion, but warned them that they would have to be to killed. Who would believe such a threat from a small child, so his friends went to Will's place and never came back. Will doesn't really remember these incidents he had as a child, but it haunts him. As a result, Will has a group of strange creatures as friends living at his mansion for the most part and is shy around humans. He usually is in different time lines and worlds so his location is constantly changing. But he can be found at his mansion. 

Will gets bored easily so he tends to go into different worlds to tests things. For example, he went to 1700s just to see what it was like to be a slave. Or going to a world were vampires are actually mortal and immune to sunlight. He usually makes friends with the people he meets, but only a rare few are taken to his mansion. If they can survive the chaos that happens that is, such as zombie attacks, killing saint nick on Christmas, possession, and that's usually one day. Not to mention other species of creatures lurking everywhere. This usually causes a lot of commotion on a day to day basis. Not that it isn't fun. . 

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Name:Joshua Hoffman
Nicknames: Kirito, Blood barrel
Pic:last photo anyone ever taken of him. The other ones burned and the photographers died.
Eyes: unknown
Bio: Was a beta tester for SAO and GGO. Former DWMA and NVA student.
Not much was known about him after his family got attacked. He was the only survivor. Yet the bloodlust didn't take over. When you get to know him though, he is a nice guy. He'll cook you breakfast, he writes books, but don't mention his family around him, or he will go on a killing spree. He is respected by gamers, and students world wide. So mess with him, u go down.... ((am I missing anything?))
Plot: none
Personality: light hearted until messed with
Weapons: scythe, and a greatsword

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Name: William Maddox.

Nick Name(what his friends call him) TimeTravelingVampireFood


Race: human....ish he's half demon (that other part makes him immune to vampirism.. His blood is taste better than normal humans)

Blood type: A+ (seeing its a vampire Roleplay)

Power: telekinesis and a tiny healing factor (meaning he will heal his blood faster to)

Personality: nice, clever, sweet, huggable, understanding

Looks: like the photos...

Tech: A time traveling Airship(that's broken),
a Wormhole Bag(that lets him get anything from anywhere)
and a Death Pocket Watch(that tells him how people might die in the future. And dose not work often)

Bio: he crashed in to this world and is just looking for a way to survive...
(side note.. he most of the time seems to be on the side of the vampires.... )
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Will is hurt and bleeding. He passes out in the great kingdom of blood. And you see him but he's human....
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