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Unfortunately, due to the low turn out rate (6% being generous) I will not be recruiting another moderator. I will still manage this community and any issues with the community please PM me or leave a post. I will remind again that I do not work for nor am I affiliated with GREE.


Check up. For the next month, please comment something on this post ONCE. I need to see how many people actively check this community. If there are a lot of actives, I will be recruiting one more moderator.

My guild recruits if you are interested contact me on line: jonah1801

Guys my alliance are holding a T10 next weekend war if you are interested add me on line my id is"demoncobra212" we may end up T3 so come one came all come and hit hard and have fun.

Guys anyone want to be leadership of my new family contact me on line my id is "demoncobra212"

Guys we are looking to make a new family we could use as many guilds as possible contact me on line my ID is"demoncobra212" we will become the strongest and biggest family known to man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone i could really use some help leveling my guild once it is leveled i will hold a T10+ Run in it if you are interested in helping level and being in the run contact me on line at "demoncobra212" also also i have 3 free accounts for whoever contributes th most to the leveling of my guild so done on Contact me on line at"demoncobra212"😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Guys today is my Birthday Pm me on line and spam me with stickers my line is "demoncobra212"

Guys i created a guild and i need help leveling so if anyone wants to come to my guild and help contact me on Line my ID is:Cobra21222324. i will give you any position you want. I have A HC,GS,GC

When can global combined df to get sf like eu servers?

Guys i am looking for people to fill up a T10 if you want in contact me my Line Id:cobra21222324
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