I upgraded the site to 4.6.2 and txp:php tag not working

Tag error: <txp:php> -> Textpattern Notice: php_code_forbidden_user while parsing form default on page default
Anyone having issue

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I made a drop in replacement for the Textpattern DB library to add support for PHP 5.6 and beyond. Anyone what to give it a try and see if you find any issues? 

Hey Stef ( or any SQL ninja out there)

I am going through a major update to my textpattern sites and want to import only the relevant parts of the old site into the new textpattern table. I want to import the "news" section. Is there an instructional out there somewhere?
The structure of the textpattern table has changed in regards to the custom fields so the SQL would (I imagine) have to be based on calling both the custom field Name and the Section "News" rows. Anybody done this already?
Will welcome other solutions as well.
Thanks in advance

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Hey, I'm curious if anyone ever found an elegant solution to this:

Back in 2010, when +Phil Wareham created the thread, I think it was possible to bypass Textpattern's file_download URL schema, but I think that changed for security reasons when the files directory got its own .htaccess.

When I posted in April, I forgot to subscribe to the thread. So I missed Phil's reply until now. Sorry, Phil!

Does anyone know if there's a way to configure Textpattern so that the files it serves can be opened in the browser?

CC: +Stef Dawson , +Robert Wetzlmayr , +Jukka Svahn 

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Further to this thread: http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?id=46322 and this one too: http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?id=36339 I wonder substantive questions about images and files.
(version française à la suite du texte en anglais)

Unlike files that are accessed by their real names (http://example.com/file_download/real-filename.pdf), image display goes through a number (http://example.com/images/234.jpg). This is not speaking at all and requires some gymnastics to get something more decent (at best http://example.com/images/234/real-image-name.jpg).

When uploading on the server, the file names are controlled so that there is no duplicate while images are automatically renamed with their database id.

Here are my questions:
* Why are images and files not treated the same way?
* Is there any risk after uploading an image, to restore his real name in the file system without touching the database?

In French:

Contrairement aux fichiers auxquels on accède par leurs vrais noms (http://example.com/file_download/real-filename.pdf), l'affichage des images passe par un numéro (http://example.com/images/234.jpg). Ce n'est pas du tout parlant et oblige à une certaine gymnastique pour obtenir quelque chose de plus correct (au mieux http://example.com/images/234/real-image-name.jpg).

Lors du dépôt sur le serveur, les noms des fichiers sont contrôlés de façon à ce qu'il n'y ait pas de doublon alors que les images sont renommées d'office avec leur identifiant de base de données.

Voici mes questions :
* Pourquoi images et fichiers ne sont-ils pas traités de la même façon ?
* Y a-t-il un risque, après l'upload d'une image, à rétablir son nom réel dans le système de fichiers sans toucher à la base de données ?

It might be easy but i not able to find the way out.

How to sort article based on custom field in ascending order assuming that some of field might be blank. so i don't want blank to come first in sort.

<txp:article_custom section="news" status="live"  time="any" sort="-custom_10 desc">


<txp:article_custom section="news" status="live"  time="any" sort="custom_10 asc">

It will sort but field with null appeared to be first in the list.

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Anyone know off-hand if there's a plugin that helps grabble implementing some of the ideas mentioned here?

Embedding tweets is popular and useful in a lot of publishing situations, and while it's easy enough to copy/paste the basic code for an individual tweet, that's about all you can really do at that level.

For example, I struggled for about 30 minutes trying to just center an embedded tweet via my own CSS, before I finally found out that you have to add tw-align-center to the embedd code's class (i.e., class="twitter-tweet tw-align-center"). I need to do that every time, and it's kind of a pain remember, let alone do.

Plus I like the idea of just being able to add the tweet URL and then it renders as the full tweet. As well the ability to control what parts of a tweet display against what device being used.

It seem like this would be great functionality to put into a plugin. Anything like that exist? I don't know if it can be done up as a plugin, but I'd donate 50 euros to the cause if a dev wanted to put up a ransom for their effort.

quick question: are you aware of any way to output articles in JSON so that I can use angular's $http.get ? TIA

What's the rationale behind the limitation of two different users unable to login with the same credentials?

Was just running PHP Mess Detector (phpmd) on a project that includes textpattern: 

phpmd: The function doLoginForm() has an NPath complexity of 390625. The configured NPath complexity threshold is 200

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