As someone with a couple of fairly image intensive websites, here are a couple of thoughts about the Images admin panel that kind of bug me.

1. The Next button points to the previous image. Every now and again I forget this idiosyncrasy. The logic here escapes me, maybe there's some historic reason for this, but when I'm looking at the most recent image that I have uploaded I just don't expect that the button that I am shown when wanting to navigate to the previous image is Next. Surely, Shirley, navigating from Image #100 to Image #99 is not Next. Hopefully that's simple to fix.

2. The Alternate text and Caption boxes should be the same size, ie, the Alt box is way too small. I tend to write my captions in the Alt box and use the useful Copy to caption check box. Once I have saved I have to go back and check in the Caption box that the text that I had written in the Alt box is correct. When you are captioning 50 images for a slideshow this is somewhat of an inconvenience. I don't think that one is too difficult either.

Actually, and this is a much bigger issue, it would be great if I could work on the captions in bulk, ie, have a thumbnail of the images, 50 or so, and just be able to transfer between the captions one after the other. Maybe this is just a suggestion for a plug-in, but I'm shortly gonna be faced with the problem of 20 different slideshows, each with 50 images.

I also have uploaded, sporadically, probably a thousand images that at the time didn't get given a caption. I now have the issue of having to look at each of the 3000 images I have uploaded, individually, in order to see whether they have a caption or not.

Fiddly little things but useful when you have to deal with bulk pictures.

Don't ask for much, do I?

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For those that don't frequent the forum much, please take a look at "Textpattern themes: a plan" and weigh in if you have anything to add. Thanks!

Been recently helping someone get to grips with the admin side / publishing workflow and how things all fit into Templates, Section, Forms, etc.

To that end I installed the excellent adi_notes and wrote a series of public notes on each major panel giving a high-level overview of how things fit together, with a few simple examples where necessary. It seems a shame to let this effort go to waste so I thought about asking Adi for the ability to export/import notes so that I could "install" these notes in future and new clients could then benefit from being able to have built-in help for each panel.

But then I thought about our plans for pophelp and how we're considering bundling pophelp files with the core in future so we have less reliance on the RPC server for delivering help content. Not sure how that'll work yet with regards internationalisation: will we permit you to "install" a language's pophelp files like we do with languages? Do they get automatically installed when you install a new language? How do we allow people to easily download help files targeted for a particular Txp version (presumably it'd be linked to a git tag)? How can plugins take advantage of the system for their own pophelp, and so forth.

Anyway, I wondered if it might be beneficial to add a 'pophelp' question mark icon alongside the panel heading which would show the panel's overview help text in some capacity. Not sure where that'd go on the Write panel, but that's just detail.

The upside is that beginners have immediate assistance without having to find it on and it might help orient themselves better. It also means that the high level documentation (at the very least English) is bundled with core, which means it's "correct" for that version and therefore doesn't have any external dependencies which may be out of date, as they are now on .net. And no screenshots are necessary!

Downsides are that it might put more pressure on translators to keep things up to date, and would be a bit more effort on the dev's part to ensure that such inline docs stay up to date with core changes prior to release (but we'll have to do that anyway with the pophelp files, and the fact they're now housed on github means it's more of a collaborative process anyway).

For clarification, I'm not talking about "do this, click that" help, more a bird's eye view of what you use the panel for, any important points of interest, and how it fits with the rest of the Textpattern panels to produce content on the front-facing website.

What do you think? Is inline overview help per panel a good thing, or do the downsides outweigh the benefits? And if anyone has any thoughts on how to handle the whole pophelp ecosystem from an interface / internationalisation viewpoint, please raise your digital paw here too.


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Hey all! Loving the textpattern.

Quick question for folks with experience in it, do you know of a plugin or system that provides a straightforward, end user friendly solution for reusable key content such as "company address" or "phone number" or "email address" and the like?

I know I could use forms. but these seem a touch deep for my typical user. I imagine a tab in prefs or something. Indeed I'd assume that this would be more of an interface thing and actually these would be "form" elements in truth, just displayed in a little nicer way to the not technical admin user.

Is there something out there I've missed? Cheers.

and for completeness, here's the site I'm developing currently where I thought it would be handy. It's pretty raw so don;t expect too much...

It would be great to change the link_rel="relation" tag now usable on txp:thumbnail and swap for a data tag that would output data-lightbox="true" which would be the preferred html5 method :) Just a note!

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Textpattern's Visual Brand Identity

A while ago we made some excellent strides toward getting a visual brand identity in place. Attached is the article that pretty much put the ball rolling.

One of the things that was to follow the logo and typography work outlined in that article was an actual visual brand identity (VBI) document that the community could then refer to whenever someone wanted to use the project's brand, or create presentational materials in support of it. But the momentum of this effort slid off track due to key people turning into ghosts.

I bring this up because I occasionally get requests from others in the community to use the Txp ad creative we use in the magazine. Let me address that while I'm on the subject... The Txp ad creative we use is the intellectual and creative property of @Stephan S ( The magazine has a right to use it, but no privilege to forward such rights to anyone else. If you want to use that creative, you need to ask Stephan for permission.

What we should really be doing is getting the VBI document back on track. As it stands, +Philipp Schilling is the Txp Brand Manager. [So there's no confusion on that point, Brand Manager is a non-core role just like I (+Destry Wion) am recognized as the magazine's Editor in Chief. It has power, but the power is only as good as it's actively used in the capacity of the role.]  Philipp did in fact start a VBI dock but it never got finished or shared with the public.

So what we need to do is breath life back into that effort. The first step would be to shake Philipp's tree (doing that now) and see if he can join efforts with Phil and get the resource finished. Once that's done, then people have a set of guidelines for creating their own advertising, or whatever else they might want to do in support of the project.

That said, we need to hear from Philipp about how invested he can be in his role, or if he wants to give the VBI effort to somebody else.

I'd also like to know where the new logo files are available for the community to download and use. I still see a lot of old logo use online and there should be better efforts to clean that up. It would happen faster if the new logo files were both available and easily found. 

TXP Swag Team - Brainstorm! What would you like to see as TXP swag? What would be your chosen place to purchase?

Themes in Textpattern 5

What can we expect from the new release? I keep my fingers crossed to get:

1. simple installation of new themes in form of a zip file
2. automatic activation of all relevant section/page/form snippets
3. central storage for all site-design relevant files (images, maybe even css)
4. theme management overview in the backend that displays a thumbnail of all available themes and allows you to activate them by a single click

Please don't make people use plugins to actually ship themes - it's no fun.

What would you guys think about organising a Google hangout, how we all discovered and started using txp, why we prefer it to other cms solutions, what we don't like about it, etc?? Could even do it as a live public stream and post a link on the forums or website, and it could be uploaded to a txp YouTube account if there's such a thing.. I would love this!!

What do you think about the concept of template variables (aka TV-fields from MODx)? They can be associated with any article in Textpattern. It would be usefull and clients likes that.
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