Why i am not able to change Maximum file size of upload to more than 8388608. I double check with my provider on this issue. They set it 20M. But every time i save, it gets revert back to 8388608. Thanks

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Esto sí que no se puede hacer con Linux!
#Windows has successfully installed itself 2.56 times..😁

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quick one. What is the best way to inject article / image lists with wrapping markup (opening closing tags like bootstrap columns) say every 12?

Is anyone else getting an error related to timezone on fresh installs of txp? It seems like the security server settings don't allow the timezone to be picked so I'm having to enter the timezone in php.ini

is there a replacement for upm image popper to visually assign images to articles?

Hello TXP'ers!

I have been a LONG time TXP user for about 10+ years (my first site was in 2005). I have continued to use it as my de-facto standard for client sites, and I am VERY happy to see continued development on such a well-built project.

That said, I have recently begun migrating a bunch of my hosted client sites to 4.6.2 in order to use PHP 7 on the server side. This weekend, I upgraded about 8 sites, and everything went off without any problems.

However, it appears that the polling/voting plugin I was using before, has issues with 4.6.x+, (pap_xpoll by tranquillo @ v0.2). Thus, I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of a replacement polling/voting plugin to use (with some effort to adjust templates/etc.), or barring that, an embeddable solution.

I looked into Google Forms to embed, but it is kind of a convoluted process to tell my clients. Basically, they will need to create the form, save it, remember to click the "Embed" option, then forward me the <iframe> link. Not impossible, but not the best.

Anyway, once again, I am very happy that the community is still active, and best wishes from one long-time TXP'er to all others!

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance/suggestions that anyone can provide.

P.S. - If I was to donate, where would be the ideal spot? Though I cannot contribute code into the core (or any plugins for that matter), I am wanting to help TXP thrive in some way.

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I am getting a "nonexistent domain" message for Textpattern.com and all related sites, including Textpattern.io (though the document subset is showing).

Anyone else having a problem accessing the sites?

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Is there any problem with download for the file size greater than 20mb. I change everything possible but couldn't be able to download file(textpattern:4.6.2)
In the page

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A question for the masters. In the new localization plattform https://crowdin.com/, is there any guaranty that the translations we donate for free to open source software are not offered to propietary software (for free or by payment)? Clients of Crowdin are Microsoft, Wikia...
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