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hi fam,

I'm using parcel.js to build the front end and using react.js for some parts of the site.

I need a way to update an array of 'objects' that is more friendly for the content creator/manager of the site than my current (silly) solution:

- creator add objects to a custom form

Then 'import' the form on the page that will be consuming it:

var data = [<txp:article_custom form="data" />];
// data contains the array, react takes over

I don't want to create an article for each 'object', if that makes any sense...

How have you been doing this ?


Why i am not able to change Maximum file size of upload to more than 8388608. I double check with my provider on this issue. They set it 20M. But every time i save, it gets revert back to 8388608. Thanks

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Esto sí que no se puede hacer con Linux!
#Windows has successfully installed itself 2.56 times..😁

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etc_query question: How can I avoid having my self-closing XHML-tags transformed into unclosed tags?

quick one. What is the best way to inject article / image lists with wrapping markup (opening closing tags like bootstrap columns) say every 12?

Is anyone else getting an error related to timezone on fresh installs of txp? It seems like the security server settings don't allow the timezone to be picked so I'm having to enter the timezone in php.ini

is there a replacement for upm image popper to visually assign images to articles?

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I am getting a "nonexistent domain" message for and all related sites, including (though the document subset is showing).

Anyone else having a problem accessing the sites?

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Is there any problem with download for the file size greater than 20mb. I change everything possible but couldn't be able to download file(textpattern:4.6.2)
In the page

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