hi would any one be able to help with the set up of my pa i have two vonyx active 800 watt speakers wich im trying to run an berhinger 1002fx mixer the problem is i think im putting wrong leads or in wrong way as im getting volume but nothing really like watt i should be i perform as an elvis tribute and i need the reverb thats on mixer or i would run directly through speakers im using xlr to daisy chain them both and that worked ok but just very low volumes unless i turned source ie i pad right up wich i know i shouldnt do i have a gig in few weeks and could really do with help thanks i can post photos if it helps

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Greetings I pray that all is well.

We are In need of a Small PA system

2 speakers w/ands,
board, 2 mics, power cord,
CD player or a interface box for laptop connection (actually I have 2 of this at home)

Date Saturday June 18, 2016 9am - 4pm

P.S. 091 The Albany Avenue School


Note: this event has no connection to my concert promotions, we are helping out a not for profit http://www.bodysculpt.org/ Children's Sports and Fitness Expo.

We've been volunteering with them for the past six years.

Respectfully your,

Charles Leake
917 533-7592

I need a small PA system for max. 75 persons. Do you have some suggestions for me? I should be cheap...

It's first-order for playing music from a notebook.

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