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UPDATE: Mint on MacBook Air
Installed on mine that wasn't much used since I've moved to Mint.

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Re: Episode # 288
+Rob Hawkins

MacBook Air:
I've had several of these, the latest being an 11" with the Broadwell chipset. Changing from the Ivy Bridge to Haswell in 2013 greatly improved run time. A computer that's older than 2013 (even those from 2013) didn't come with long run time from factory, and old batteries, like what would be in a $200 Air . . .

Battery Life on Linux Laptops
Just like TrueOS may be not representative of BSD, old laptops with old batteries aren't a fair test of battery life. Nor are giant Alienware 17s!

I have a now three year old Asus Zenbook UX305 that's 100% Mint, having removed Windows. It's a Core m3 processor, and will run for hours on a charge. Fanless. Silent. Reasonably swift.

The latest version of Fedora includes built in battery optimizations, mostly the same ones described in the OMG Ubuntu! link -

10 Proven Ways to Make Money Faster

My hard drive crashed and had bad sectors in it so no more Linux for a while till I can get new one LM lasted 5 months on it Bummer.

Hello from Brandon, Manitoba Canada. I would like to say that this is a great podcast, first of all, keep it up. I found this podcast after looking around looking for what I could about Linux. I was on Windows 10 for a couple of years and was having such a headache with Microsoft's OS for some time. One day after not seeing an update to the creatures update in the summer of 2017 for months; I decided to try Linux Mint 18.0 Sarah for a while in a VM. From July 2017 to September 2017. As The Fall Creatures Update was around the corner and I was stuck on the same version of windows for year +. Anyway cutting a long story short " Too Late" (Clue 1985 ref) put LM18 Sarah on hardware and love it It just works and I can do what want as normal. Some work to learn but totally worth it. As it JUST WORKS. Which for me is more then I could say of the other OS at the time.

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Are you a fan of @MaliciousLife from ? Well you might want to check out the Livestream of @mintcast 280 today at 3pm Eastern. That's in about 30 minutes!

Is ot possible to download all previous episodes of the show because when I add the feed into Rhythmbox I can only download the last 10 episodes.

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Are you a fan of @MaliciousLife? Well you might want to check out the Livestream of @mintcast 280 on Jan 21 at 3pm Eastern. Details on how to join us are at . See you there! Here's your "pre-listen" assignment -->

+Rob Hawkins are you still checking this community?

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Hamvention starts in less than two weeks and we're only 40% funded so far. Please consider a donation to our trip. We're planning some great stuff for the show and we hope to see everyone there. If you can't donate, please share Share SHARE! Thank you and 73 from all of us here at Linux in the Ham Shack.
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