(Continuation of the RP with +Samson Dreemurr​)

(Continuation of the RP with +Betty Noire ​and +Samson Dreemurr​)
Rex wait!

Alex has got an acquittal but for some reason he does not leave the foundation, right now he's sitting in his sleeping quarter

Is in a containment chamber. The glass has a weird tint. The containment breach alarm goes off as you go by my chamber

is sitting on a bed inside his new sleeping quarter because he was left out of his old chamber

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Hello, thank you for adding me! This group is SCP-related, so I decided to post it here. If you consider that this message is against the rules of the group, please do not hesitate to delete it.
Please check our horror game, which has been inspired by SCP. We plan to add more storylines inspired by popular SCP stories to the game.
It is absolutely free!
#Game #SCP #Horror

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walks in Circles

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Name: T.W.W .115

Nickname/Alias: Cyrex or 115

Age: None. Physically around 27

Class: None

Task Force: Eta-5 (Jäeger Bombers)

Likes: Getting work done. Capturing scps. Hurting

Dislikes: Whiny scps/classes. Less intelligent creatures

Short Bio: An original agent of an army. Later a former mercenary. Cyrex. As his real name is unknown. Turned to a digital input of his mind to a robotic body made for warfare and fighting as a replacement for his physical human body which is crippled. After even dying as the robot. Cyrex. Or known as T.W.W .115. Will come back new and repaired. He is digitally able to hack into most types of advanced technology. And cannot be hacked or given a virus due to a real mind taking control of the body. Current location is working for the SCP Foundation as a high tier well respected and feared soldier.


Cyrex can fold and transform his robotic legs at will to change them into more human like. Normally however he has a bent style. He is able to transform some body parts into tools to help him. And can repair himself if he wishes so. The human leg style will transform if Cyrex wishes to be in a human disguise


(Continuation of the RP with +Zombie Slayer and +That Spamming Pyro )
walks back to the other SCP chaimbers

standing on a pole reading a book on top of the foundation
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