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Who wins? A day of prep, full arsenal for both, anything goes. Locale:The Death Star. Environment can be used by both.
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Han Solo
Malcom Reynolds

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كلما طرقت الشمس نوافذي
تظاهرت بالنوم
لا أقوى على مواجهتها بهذا الكم من الاشتياق اليك

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Welcome to Day Four of "Eight Days of Teeth, Claws, and Heart."

Today we're showing you three episodes of our underwater comedy web series "Scuba-Dooba-Do." Fellow filmmaker Ron Richardson (from "Flesh of my Flesh") and I bring you a series of geeky underwater hand signals that you never knew you needed -- UNTIL NOW!

Do you know any divers? They might want to know this, too. Just sayin'...

Why are we doing this? Because we're making some pretty cool stuff. It's a lot of fun, and has a lot of heart, and we want people to know about it. That's why this week is a special thing. That's why we're sharing so much free to the public this week. Because our All-Access Pass isn't just a fan club -- it's a group of people we talk WITH, and who are a part of why we do what we do. And we think you might like to join us. We think you might have a blast doing this.

And the price is crazy-low. Four bucks a month. CHEAPER than a cuppa fancy coffee, so you can sit WITH your cuppa fancy coffee (support your local baristas!) and watch and read something funny nearly every single day.

Please check out "Scuba-Dooba-Doo." At the bottom of the post is a link to the previous days' content as well -- check those out. They are all free to the public, because we WANT you to have a good time.

And if you enjoy, then subscribe.

We're halfway to our next goal and you might be the monkey that rides that camel all the way to the rollercoaster.

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Welcome to Day Two of Eight Days of Teeth, Claws, and Heart!

Today’s freebie includes three free episodes of our second web series: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse -- for Zombies!

Yes, that’s right, so many people think surviving the zombie apocalypse is going to be a thing that they need to worry about, but they rarely consider their odds -- and odds are they’ll be batting for the drippy side! So, we made this series as a companion to our first web series. It stars Michelete as “Charli,” a zombie who plans to help you be the best zombie you can be!

Eight Days of Teeth, Claws, and Heart is a “baker’s week” of free stuff, introducing our All-Access Pass for Hellbender Media. Each of the remaining days, we’ll “open up” one of the tabs, revealing a new freebie that anyone can go and check out. (think of it as an advent calendar for people with ferociously gooey sensibilities).

Why are we doing this? Because we do a lot of pretty cool stuff, and we share a lot of that “Behind-the-scenes” with our members, and honestly, we want you to check it out, enjoy it, share it, and if you like it enough... join us so that you get this as well. (check out our $200 goal -- it’s gonna be HILARIOUS!)

Please visit the post, check it out, and check out the remaining days. We’ve curated one helluva lineup for you!

And please feel welcome to share as well — that’s how the 21st Century works!


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Check out the introduction to our Ninja in the Hood Series "The Girls From Uptown" NOW ON YOUTUBE!! "Meet Cleopatra!" #newyorkcity #webseries #martialarts #ninjamoves #kungfu #indie

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Check out the new preview to our Ninja in the Hood Series "The Girls From Uptown" Premiers this FALL!! "Meet Cleopatra!" #newyorkcity #webseries #martialarts #ninjamoves #kungfu #indie

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"IT" Trailer Reaction

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If you are feeling generous, I'd appreciate if you shared our Patreon page.

We're already posting two free weekly comedy web series, and are serializing a novel for our subscribers, but if we hit a subscription level of $100, we'll run a poll and let subscribers pick which web series they want to see next.

And there are more things coming -- subscribers get behind-the-scenes access to ALL our production diary videos, including our secret projects (such as the very very awesome Lovecraft Project we've been working on for more than a year), and downloadable freebies, special discounts and bonuses on physical products, and so forth.

Right now, we still have many half-price subscriptions remaining, so for the price of a small latte, folks can get lots of great stuff.

Patreon is different than Kickstarter and other crowdfunding apps because it's much lower in price, but a regular subscription. Everyone contributes a little bit and to us, it adds up as a commitment to bringing our Patrons along with us on our ride.

Thank you kindly!
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