Can someone please be gracious enough to help understand how to work with scilab in probabilities? I'm seriously lost

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Building and modifying interactively Bezier curves with #scilab . Want to learn how to create such animations and interactions with graphic window ? Read :
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After several days i am unable to locate the problem regarding to my Scilab problem.It is just not starting up and when the GUI starting screen is popping up,it just stating loading gateways and after that it automatically shuts off.
please help me.

Scilab is not starting up for several days.Help me out.

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Today I install the toolbox for importing python functions in scilab but after installing the toolbox, the scilab software is not starting.It just give a glance of the starting page and shut down automatically. Please someone help me.

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Hi, I have written 5 introductory books for #MATLAB and its #opensource alternatives for numeric and scientific computing in general (using #Julia ( , #Octave , #Scilab and #Python). Paperbook links: .Please have a look on these books and kindly share this information with your colleagues and fellow researchers. You may like to recommend the books for libraries too.

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At the moment, on the official website of Scilab, the Scilab 6.0.0 is listed as a stable version, but as we noticed, it is far from being stable. Even though the most recent version from the repository was checked by the analyzer, usually, the errors live in the code for a very long time, getting to ,allegedly, "stable" version. I have been a user of Scilab too, but that was long before I could see how many errors there are in it. I hope that such software doesn't inhibit too much the research of people using similar tools for mathematical calculations. #scilab #opensource #bugs

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For #ubuntu users : if #scilab doesn't start today with a "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" message , try to restart ubuntu with previous #linux kernel (before the yesterday update ). The -bug- problem affect all scilab version ...

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Scilab is [as you are all well aware] a free alternative to the proprietary and exceptionally expensive Matlab software commonly used in research but it is at least an order of magnitude slower than FPGAs used for real time programming; think of a 10MHZ clock compared to a 100Mhz clock. In the area of real time image processing it begs the question is it worth using a program suitable for conceptual work only or is it better to use e.g. the Xilinx web pack for that conceptual work that can be done {with VHDL and/or electronic schematics} before the expense of the hardware needed to complete the job.
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