Name pink guy
Age 5000 chromosomes
Servant of the darklord chin chin
Current location earth realm in the rice fields
Supplies some juicy mix tapes

Take a Breath and look at your Life, there is Light in your Heart. There are different voids but through Time and Space, there is still Hope. Your Blood runs through your body, Doom may enter your Life, but you still have all of Space and Time in your Life to cosplay Homestuck. If you don't believe me, ask people around you or ask the Homestuck communities. We have Hope that Hivebent will help our Heart breaks and live our Life. Your Mind does not end yet Rage fills you due to Homestuck ending. You are not alone...
-MX ((4/13/09 - 4/13/16))

Name: Joycleyn Kirsten Woods (prefers to go by Joy)
(in human world)
Current Supplies: Her mothers throwing knives,her dagger,and her gun. A few bullets and scissors.
Appearance: She's short, about 5'2. She has long brown hair,and hazel eyes. She wears black jeans,and a black jacket,she has a shirt under it but she never really takes off her jacket. Her shoes are black as well. Mostly because shes bad at matching colors and "black goes with everything!" 
Abilities: She's ok at fighting but not really the best. She tends to fight dirty actually,biting scratching,throwing dirt in her opponents eyes. Whatever works man. "survival of the fittest,am I right?"

Joys Personality: She can be a bit of an asshole and is really defensive when she first meets someone. she loves puns and can be pretty childish sometimes,but she does have her mature moments. She is very argumentative and will fight jsut about over everything. her favorite thing is to either Play or Sleep. Shes either really hyperactive or really sleepy. There is some inbetween but not really. She loves being called cute or small but will totally deny it,even fight with people over it. She loves being carried,which is weird because shes scared of heights

I haven't been here for long has somone left..

Character: Shrire Kulrok
Name: Raven 
Age: 19
Current Location: Human world, City
Current Supplies: Water bottles, bow and arrows, shot gun, pistols, medicine, sleeping bag, cloth and food.
Starting Faction: Human/Demon Hunter
Appearance: Short black hair, black hoodie, dark blue jeans, black converse
Powers/Magical Capabilities: Fighting skills, archerary
Character Post: 0h, h3y 7h3r3. 570P D3M0N!!!!! 3v3ry7h1ng h45 4 l3550n 70 17.

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