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1. No kaiju and Dinosaurs with powers it won't be fair to other people.
2. Hybrids are allowed in this Community.
3. No sexual rp if your gonna hook up with him/her then make it private post.
4. No bullying an reshare or die posts that will lead to permanent ban.
5. No judging and making fun of others Ocs that will also lead to permanent ban.
6. No asking to be mod trust must be earned.
7. Don't Downplay and fanboying in debates like "he solos or she solos" respect others Opinions.
8. Profiles must be like. 👇👇👇👇👇👇
Height: (Not Required)
Weight: (Not Required)
Overwrite: (Can be put into the Biography)
Biography: (Required)
9. No blocking the mods.
10. Do not banned anybody without my premission and or proof to the mods and/or me.

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Name: Diablodon
Titles: "Devils tooth"
Condename: Constrictor
Diet: Carnivore
Lenght: 14 m
Height: 4 m
Weight: 5 tons
Area: Classified

Biography: The reason behind this hybrid was as simple as leathal: a boid snake with arms and legs, the size of a t.rex. Diblodon is made up from the dna from t.rex, velociraptor, boid snake, cuttlefish, treefrog. However, Wu put much focus on the snake part to accomplish the demand of a giant creature with snakefeatures. The most outstanding trait is the very long and muscular tail that can strangulate a dinosaur the size of a t.rex to death.  The tail is also strong enough to rise the entire animal up in the air. 
Then it will drop down on its prey, crushing and killing it with brute force. Like indominus rex, it has the ability to change colour and locate prey via heat signatures. Diablodon was also thought to be a new member of the dinosaur assets in Jurassic World. But since the incident in 2015 occurred, all extraction plans were cancelled. But the military has shown great intrese in this creature. Unlike Indomius Rex, this hybrid repsonds much more to commands and orders. But it still need more training in order to work in the field. 

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Name: Indominus Rex (Fan Version)
Titles: "Untamable or fierce King"
Codename: The Hybrid
Diet: Carnivore
Length: 15-16 m
Height: 6 m
Weight: 4-6 tons
Period: Modern era
Area: Isla Nublar.

Bio: When Jurassic World was dropping public interest, Simon Masrani, the owner of the park demanded something new and refreshing. A new dinosaur that was both larger, louder and had more teeth that could rival t.rex. The answer was a hybrid created under the supervision by dr.Henry Wu and secrertly working with Vic Hoskins, Jurassic World´head of security. Months of research yielded in entirely new animal named Indomius Rex or untameable king. 
With its lanky, raptor like body, retractable teeth and snakelike head it was a unique creature that surely would drag people back to Isla Nublar. What they did not know was the it had some secret abilities like colour change, able to sense prey via heat, able to lower its on body temperature to avoid detection and a high intellect. It was kept in small paddock with no other individual of its species, it grew demented and aggressive towards anything. Catastophe was at hand. It eventually escaped and the panic spread amon the officals there  were 20.000 people on the island that was in grave danger....

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Name: Diabolus Rex
Codename: Venomous Tyrant
Titles: "Devilish King"
Age: unknown
Gender: M
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Hybrid
Abilities: Venomous Bite, Venomous Spit, Acidic Bite, Paralyzing venom, Venomous spray, Can shoot out blinding venom.
Weight: 17-20 Tons.
Height: about 50 feet(12 meters) long and about 20 to 30 feet (4.6 to 6 meters)
Family: +vastatosaurus rex​​​​​​​​/ +Bartholomew The Wolf​​​​​​​​ and +the indomunus​​ +The Big One​​ +Queen Rexy​​​​​​ +DJ Spinosaurus​​​​​​ +Lagiacrus​​​​​​
Aggressive Level: Very High
Likes: Hunting, Food, Killing, His family
Dislikes: Humans, other Dinosaurs
Personality: Curious, Very Intelligent,
Crush: +Shisui Uchiha​​​​​​ +Indominus Rex​​​​​​
Mate: None but will might need one
Other Account: +Thaloch King Of The Dinosaurs​​​​​​
Bio: When touristpopulation begun to drop at Jurassic World, Simon Masrani who was the owner of the park wanted something new and cool to drag people back to Jurassic World. The kewords were "bigger, louder and more teeth" So Dr.Henry Wu was given the task to create a whole new dinosaur, a hybrid that lived up to this.  The creature that was born had the look of a raptor blended with a snake, agile and lithe. Wu Knew that it would grow big, bigger than even the t.rex. When it was adult it was everything that masrani hoped for, however he did not expect that it would be able to camouflage itself by blending into its surroundings. And the hybrid was much smarter and deadly than expected. It eventually escaped its paddock by simply climbing out from it....
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