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It's time to relax! Stop forcing ure self to look at pictures all day for posts and list in to some music. Or even to read the lyrics of beginning singers, rappers, or country boys/girls. This is wht u need so join today!

If any ideas come up to help this community then throw them at me. All suggestions u think is helpful is totally appreciated.

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Anyone want to go in e elevator?

Quick question whats your favrite band
Anyone in this group can answer this questiob3

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Pump me up!!!!

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Today's music is shit but this is fuckin lit

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For all those girls out their who need to here this

Yo.... who's ready to see some bars?

Quick diss on Donald trump
V1/ Yo....Mr.Trump?
Yesterday I saw u trin to fuck,
Vladimir Putin,
Wht the fuck r u doin'?,
And stop trin to make a wall,
If u really need one go get Paul,
But one thing is,
Ure president? But u suck like shit,
And we have had white black and now a president who's Orange,
Great now wht the fuck is in storage?

Thanks for making me a moderater

V1/ It was gettin hard to decide,
If I should go easy or hard on my life,
All I wanted was people to focus,
And actually notice,
Tht I wanted to be a rapper,
But apparently a white cracker,
Shouldn't be making rap music, late we defused it,
Now I'm stuck here,
Trin to make a rappin carrier,
Out of my life,
Cuz it was so messed up none of it was right

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U think today's music is good? Think twice
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