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Physiology is a branch of biology that looks at how organisms function. It covers both physical and chemical processes by looking at how organs work together and how each individual cell makes a difference . Psychology, on the other hand, focuses on the brain. Psychology covers how the brain works and how it affects a person's behaviour.
Saturday 7/22/2017
Differentiate between psychological and physiological processes in humans.

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have an awesome remaining of your day as well
OK students . I think this was a productive meeting . DO have a productive rest of the day. The Adventist that joined us, we appreciate your effort. Thanks again.

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Use one word to describe Tuesday 4th July 2017

I must correct my self. It is the opposite way around:
Hearing is what comes naturally but listening is making that conscious decision to interpret what is said in order to make a valuable response.

Sorry about the mix up before.

OK, for me listening is what we do all the time. It comes naturally. Hearing, on the other hand is a conscious decision to interpret what is being said.

Hearing is passive and listening is active

not gettn on on hangouts

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