So I don't know if this community is dead, but I'm going to say something anyway. How did everyone like the Black Winter war ? What is your opinion on the boss or waves?

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Anyone this is the New Upgrade Community, please enter and you can place any profile here, the Community here is just a demo but this one is the new and full Version

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Hey everyone sorry that my account is hacked but I'm back and still owner but can't make any new modifications so...yeah...anyway I can say who is approved or not and let me know please

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Name: Wolfer "Jasino" Wolf

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Height: 6'5

Weight: 150 lb.

Sexuality: Bisexual (Leans more to females)

Personality: Wolfer is friendly and out going. He can be silly, but will be serious when he needs to be. Wolfer is also a glutton,bso half of the time you'll see him with a bloated belly full of food, or a belly full of prey. He likes Kids and would love to have them some day. He's a pretty big Anime nerd, and a pretty big gamer to. He also loves to fight with his Steampunk Katana but he knows when it's not necessary.

Bio: Wolfer works at an agency known as V.O.R.E (Vore Officers of Rerceational Enforcement). The agency is not funded by anyone currently working for the government. The whole agency is full of Vore predators who use there eating abilities ti capture culprates and sometimes potential suspects. There Vore abilities will also be used as punishment for anyone convicted of a crime, and depending on what the crime was, they will be scentenced to death by digestion and will become nothing but stomach fat. Wolfer also works as a science teacher at Fur City High School when he isn't on a case. Sometimes when a student acts up, He secretly eats the student, and depending on what they did, will be digested. No student knows where they go.

Fetishes Involved with: Mpreg, Vore, Inflation/ Weight Gain.

Relationship Status: Single, Not looking.

Powers/ Abilities: Wolfer has the ability to use an energy called "Soul Energy" which alows him to use different abilities. He is also very skilled with his Steampunk Katana and Golden Desert Eagle.

Soul Sight: When Wolfer uses this ability, he is able to see someone's Soul, alowing him to know how damaged it is, and tell what someone's personality is like.

Soul Clones: Wolfer can create up to ten transparent clones of him self that are linked to his soul. If he is damaged to mush, or if he dies, the clones will automatically disappear.

Soul Slash: When Wolfe is out of range from his opponent, he can either shoot with his Desert Eagle, or use his Soul Slash ability. Wolfer can channel Soul Energy into his Katana and swing it, creating a powerful wave of Soul Energy, and sending it at his opponent.

Soul Scyth: If Wolfer doesn't have access to his weapons, he can create a transparent Scyth from his Soul Energy and use it for close combat.

Great Soul Sword: Wolfer's strongest attack is the Great Soul Sword attack. He can create a giant sword out of Soul Energy for one power full strike. But for how powerful it is, it uses most of his Soul Energy.

Red Eyes: At times of pure rage, Wolfer's eyes will turn from there original color (yellow), to red. When this happens, his physical strenght, and speed will double, and so will the strenght of his Soul Attacks. So don't make him angry.

Weapon(s): Steampunk Katana and a Golden Desert Eagle.

Predator or Prey?: Predator.

Vore Prefrences: Navel, Oral (Soft, Hal of the Time Digestion) Tail, Soul, Marco/ Micro.
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thanks for having me in this group. Here we can do? 😃😆
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