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So here's just an idea I had for Music icon, it's a mix between the original icon when UT was announced and the new Suru style (I have always found the current icon too iTunes-like).

Ubuntu SDK stalling? I don't understand why on Ubuntu 16.04 the target kits are lower then this almost 1 year old version also the Qt version is 5.5, while Qt's current release is 5.8.

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WIP : Multi networks, ZNC support, day/night mode, nicks colors, nick & commands autocomplete, backlogs, push notifications, adapted for desktop & more #ubuntu

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Hi, I'm trying to write a c++ app which needs a app indicator .
I installed libappindicator3-dev
My code be like:

#include <libappindicator/app-indicator.h>

class Foo {
AppIndicator *_indicator;

_indicator = app_indicator_new("example-simple-client",


and when I compile, it keep complaining that
undefined refercence to `app_indicator_new`

which very confusing, because AppIndicator* pointer was ok.
any help? I'm new to ubuntu development. thanks.

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A complete How-To on how to package a Python software as a snap using snapcraft 2.26 and then upload it to the Ubuntu Store!

You can install this snap on your Ubuntu with
snap install httpstat
then run

By making snaps, you can package software and have them automatically appear in the Ubuntu Store. To appear automatically in the Ubuntu Store, you need to confine the app. Otherwise, a manual review may be needed.

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I found that hidden elephant when did a mistake by entering a wrong adress :)
Maybe it was there for a long time, but hey! I never mistake!! :P

#uNav #ubuntu #elephant

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In case you missed this, yes, very probably it is dead.

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As you probably know already, there will be no new phones running Ubuntu in a near future. Because of that I decided to make all my Ubuntu apps free. I wasn't earning much anyway. So thanks to all who decided to buy them and those who supported me via PayPal.

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Podbird is now 2 years old! To celebrate we've released version 0.8 to the click store! This release brings a number of major improvements including:

* Queue support - It's now possible to add multiple podcasts to a queue so that they play one after another.

* Full download manager integration - Downloads will now continue when Podbird is closed and you'll be able to track their status in the system transfer indicator. This also includes a number of bug fixes to download handling.

* Downloads tab - The episodes page now includes an extra tab showing all your downloaded episodes in one place. This tab also shows a summary of any downloads in progress or queued.

* Visual improvements - We've updated Podbird to use Ubuntu Components 1.3 and made a number of UI enhancements.

* WiFi only setting - It's now possible to tell Podbird to only automatically download episodes when you have a WiFi connection.

* Update podcast artwork - You can now get Podbird to update all the artwork it has cached for your podcasts from the settings page.

This release was made possible thanks to the hard work of +Nekhelesh Ramananthan, +Kevin Feyder and +Mike Sheldon, plus the awesome Ubuntu translation team.

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