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Tim Süberkrüb

App Showcase  - 
I just released Crazy Mark v0.1 to the store:
Crazy Mark is a simple, convergent markdown editor. Looking forward to your feedback :) As you can see, it's currently lacking an icon. If anyone would like to do one, please contact me. I'd really appreciate it!

Please report any bugs on GitHub.
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(I'm making a quick mock up now)
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I'm on 'adb shell' now, done 'mount -o rw,remount,rw /' and 'chmod 0666 /sys/file_I_need_to_edit', but I cannot save edited file (in nano "Operation not permitted"). Could anyone help me with that?
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Jarek W
+Krzysztof Tataradziński​​ ack for that File in ubuntu source code, make changes in one Of the .rc files it finds, compile, flash . Done
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Turan Mahmudov

App Showcase  - 
New updates for Instagraph and Instagraph Donate is in the Store.
Both received same update.
If you come across with freezing or crashing please let me know to fix. If the app was freezing for you, please check it now and let me know what is the status of the app.

Changelog for non-Donate version:
* New login page design
* Sign Up feature added
* Direct Inbox - messages list feature added
* Direct Inbox - thread feature added
* Media likes list added
* Delete media feature added
* Delete comment feature added (there are bugs)
* PullToRefresh on pages feature added
* Can open media page from Activities page
* Options Page added
* About/Credits/Libraries pages added
* Friendship status and Follow/Unfollow/Request actions on users page fixed
* Logout feature added
* Public profile warning in user profile feature added
* Set your account Private/Public feature added
* Change Password feature added
* Edit Profile feature added
* Block/Unblock user feature added
* Images quality decreased (to fix app crashes)
* Search page input focus bug fixed
* UI blocking bug fixed
* Some performance issues fixed
* Few other bugs bixed
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Thanks +Kevin Feyder. I saw it immediately you sent it to me :)
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Mike Sheldon

App Showcase  - 
I've been making some good progress in getting the Urho3D game engine working on Ubuntu phones, will see about writing a little tutorial on how to get started developing with it when I get back from my holidays :)

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J Wood
+Mike Sheldon not bad! I was expecting worse :) Let us know when nearing completion, interested in seeing the final product. 
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App Showcase  - 
Going to try out some theming on the youtube app, thoughts?
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I've decided to make Sept 20th HelioGraph's BIG day in the sun, that is to say I want to hit 2.0 and be released on all of my target platforms. I appreciate all the people that have downloaded and made the network better by posting on it. So to you all, and to anyone else that joins the community. What do you think needs to be added for a good general market adoption. Yes, Wayne more filters are coming I promise.

Here is the proposed feature set for 2.0:
(check) signifies that it already does it.

Posting and Retrieving public images (check)
Responsive camera capture with filters (check) [need more filters though]
Ability to set "Rating" of the picture for images (check) [please read rules about posting images in the EULA]
Ability to set Maximum Rating of images you want to see. (check)
Ability to Comment,Like Images (check)
Ability to Change Screen Name (check)
Ability to Connect Patreon / Flattr account to images that you share (check)
Ability to use #<servicename> #<account on service> to link users to some external services (CHECK) [great for bands, artist,etc]
Ability to search via #hashtags or by Screen name (Check)
Ability to Follow Users (Check)
Ability to Share images to people outside of HelioGraph (check)

Ability to Share private images with others in HelioGraph
Ability to set a PIN to override your maximum rating [for privately shared images]
Ability to share entire Libraries with other members [for families]
Ability to build web view collages from images with #hashtags.
More web Share Features
Desktop Client for Ubuntu [maybe others]
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Michael Hall

Discussion  - 
I made a second quick +Snapcraft "Let's Play" video showing how to make a snap from upstream source branch.
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Benjamin Flanagin

App Showcase  - 
HUGE update, with another probably coming tomorrow. Needed to get my current users on the new effects system so I can dump the old code :)

In this version I've added network agnostic sharing. Check the change log.
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I saw that the Instagraph creator +Turan Mahmudov wanted a new icon. So here is some ideas that I put together. I did not know how close I should get to the official Instagram icon so I made some variations.
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But if the icon fill whole space ? I think it will be nicer.

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Turan Mahmudov

App Feedback  - 
Hi. Instagraph needs an icon :) Who can make an icon for it?
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thanks +Sam Hewitt  :)
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About this community

Welcome to the Ubuntu App Developers community. Feel free to ask questions, showcase your apps, and share progress on what you are doing!
I'm having trouble figuring out what part of the Ubuntu phone SDK I should use to make a publicly viewable folder on Ubuntu Touch. It seems that there is an apparmor profile that would allow me to make the files and folders, but it is marked reserved.

This is what I want to accomplish

1. person takes a picture in HelioGraph
2. the original picture is stored in ~/HelioGraph/Original on button press.
3. The edited version is stored in ~/HelioGraph/Edits after save.

I've read through most of the available documentation on the ContentHub but if the above can be accomplished that way. I must be missing something.

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Ah good to know I was unaware of how MTP worked.
I was under the impression that using the reserved apparmor profiles are a big no no, I don't want to diminish distribution possibilities I'll keep it working the way it does, I already have an cache cleaning function to get rid of old images. Thanks for input everyone I'm glad I didn't miss the obvious this time.
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luigi bruno

App Feedback  - 
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The video will be available soon, I had to mute sound.
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Michael Hall

App Showcase  - 
Here's a quick teaser screenshot that's going to need a much longer blog post to explain in detail how cool it really is.

There are 2 Snap packages in action here: "geany" and "geany-plugins". If you install them both, then your geany snap gets to see and use plugins from the geany-plugins snap.

You can see in the tooltip that the geany-plugins content is being mounted into ./plugins/ in the geany snap's runtime. This is using the brand new "content" interface in snapd that is going to add a lot more flexibility to authors who are building multiple, inter-related snaps.
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Jasper Nalbach

Discussion  - 
Since MapQuest shut down its service, the osm plugin for the Map QML type is broken:
Is there any possibility to continue using Open Street Map using the QtLocation API?
Overview. This geo services plugin allows applications to access Open Street Map location based services using the Qt Location API. Data, imagery and map information provided by MapQuest, OpenStreetMap and contributors. The data is available under the Open Database License.
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So I'm a bit disappointed that this feature was silently discontinued. Not sure what to do to get at least a short official answer for this issue.
Even if there are only a few apps using this feature it is not beneficial for attracting new app developers.
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How you should design input data fields to enhance the user experience ?
Input fields are for users to fill in the information in forms. input fields should be designed in way to enhance the mobile app user experience.
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Fishy Shooter - level 2 (this will take forever...)
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+Ali Saylıca  Wth why not? U can make game to Android, IPhone, Windows, BSB and etc
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Marius Nestor

Discussion  - 
A much cooler and user-friendly Linux terminal app will be available for Ubuntu Phones, Tablets, and Desktop in the near future. Here are all the details, and yes, your help is needed!!!
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Rodney Dawes

App Showcase  - 
Well, it's a start anyway. Layout in QML is bloody hard. Why can't it automatically size things properly?!

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+Wayne Ward Not great. It's making me do a lot more work than I should have to do. :-/
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Kevin Feyder

Discussion  - 
I am having the weirdest problem. The Ubuntu sdk is not applying my changes when I run the app locally. It will save the changes to the qml files like changing the text inside of a label to "hi". But when I go to run the app it will still say "high score".
Anyone knows what is going wrong?
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+Kevin Feyder I haven't had the time to migrate yet. I think it's just a matter of creating a new project with the new template and copying/importing your files from the previous.
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Michael Hall

Discussion  - 
Snapcraft 2.14 is out! Check out the release announcement to see what's new. And a special thanks to all the community contributors who played a part in this release.
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