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Welcome to Dokapon Kingdom!

This is a interactive online RPG version of Dokapon Kingdom. You will traverse through the Kingdom and try to win as much money as you can. The more you play the more you unlock. Before we begin here are a few rules

1) This is a game-based RP. Don't be trying to post you hentai or you will be removed

2) I will only make people mods if I know them and they show that they can do it. Don't ask

3) Spamming is a no-no. I have to read through this so if its spam its gone

4) More rules will be added when necessrary

Current Owner and Mod
+Professor Sean Owner
+Sousuke Kirigiri Mod

If you have questions ask me or the mods (I'm lazy so it will take me a minute)

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This is the Tutorial Map
25 Spaces
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