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Just a heads up. Long time no update or post. I'm in the progress of rewriting the app. Yep - theming and a dark theme will be included. Currently there's only dummy content and the whole design stuff. 

I'm currently working on the database layout (the app will use database instead of shared preferences as before). Profiles will be included too (most likely some basic triggers - more complex via tasker plugin).
I still need to finish up plugin support and profiles with this new approach.

Except from this: The rewrite will be free and released open source under the GPL license. In fact you can watch the progress at my github (

This rewrite will take some time. I'm currently busy with exams and working for the university. Slow progress, but progress at least ;)

Yeah that's all ;)
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I am a very new android app developer...
I have a question for KernelControl's UI Layout.

How did you implement the Sliding Menu?
I found your app's sliding menu is different from jfeinstein's one. (

Can you give the answer for me? Thanks for your development.

(Sorry for my bad english...)

Quick heads up:

Currently working on bug fixes and a small rewrite of the UI part. Should fix lots of issues on devices with a modded DPI (and possible open the gates for legacy android support - yeah 2.2+). The 2.2+ support isn't safe currently. Maybe some other stuff will kill it, but I'm optimistic hehe. 

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So finally a new update and this time with the plugin API.

- Plugin interface!
- Dashclock Settings fixed
- Restyle of cards. Now the "apply on boot" option is always in the overflow menu
- Long card titles are scaled down, so they don't overlap anymore
- Moved from ACRA to Crashlytics. Much stabler service. Toggling reporting is gone, I wrote them a feature request - hopefully it will be added.
- No need to enter your Contact information if you enable attach to crash report. It is fetched from your g+ account and the owner contact information.
- Added a link to the XDA thread in settings.
- New icon

I have added a section in the community for plugin development. Feel free to ask question over there. A link to the API and how to use it is attached to this post.

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So update from the last days. Finally a consistent way for "Apply on boot". This will additionally fix the problem with long title and hdpi devices (title just continues to go underneath the checkbox text). Need to finish this for the other fragment as well. Lots of work hehe.

Yeah currently a bit unmotivated so no big changes ;)
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Very nice! One problem I've seen tho 'set on boot' button overlaps text

Any plans to implement themes, mainly a dark theme? ;)

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Today I wasn't in the mood for writing code. Instead I took some time to work on the app icon. Any ideas for improvement or some general feedback?

Maybe you could implement things like

- Read Ahead Buffer
-WiFi High Performance Toggle
-Content Adaptive Brightness Toggle
-Multicore Power Saving Toggle
-High Performance Sound Toggle
-Headphone Volume Boost Toggle to set (0 . 1 . 2 . 3)
-Vibrator Strength
-Battery Life Extender
-FSYNC Toggle
-Temperature Limit
-GPU Clock Speed Management ( like CPU speed but for GPU )
-ZRAM Toggle
-Colour Configuration for AMOLED screens 

Those are the few things that is available for most if not all kernel tuners I've seen out there (like Trickster and Franco.KU) 

hope you get your response on this one :)

Hi. Just a quick heads up. I'm currently busy writing the plugin interface. Additionally I switched to a new error reporting method. Now on Crashlytics - got accepted in the Android Studio Beta. So awesome :).

After I finish the plugin implementation in the app, I work on a few bugs from last version and then I will release something new to test ;)-

When it's stable, it is ready for the Play Store. Finally :)
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