I would like to welcome Mason to the pack as an Omega ranking member in training. Congratulations, Mason! Welcome to the family!

- Priscilla Thompson
(Alpha of Pack of The Purity and Prosperity)

Betty Herrmann has passed her training! Congratulations, Betty!

- Priscilla Thompson
(Alpha of The Pack of Purity and Prosperity)

Pack Ranks:

- Alpha: Priscilla Thompson (18 Years Old)

- Beta(s):
1. Betty Herrmann (18 Years Old)
2. Alanna Johnson (16 Years Old)

- Omega(s):
1. Mason Addis Hutchison (20 Years Old)

- Adolescent(s):

- Pup(s) (12 years old or younger):

- Trainer(s):
1. Priscilla Thompson (18 Years Old)

- In Training:
1. Betty Herrmann (18 Years Old)

- Pending:

- Deciding:
1. Megan Brown (16 Years Old)

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- Alpha -

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You mess with one of us, you mess with ALL of us!! We are a family!

I would like to welcome Betty to the pack as a Beta ranking member in training! Congratulations, Betty! Welcome to the Family!

- Priscilla Thompson
(Alpha of The Pack of Purity and Prosperity)

If you wish to join, please make certain that you are willing to be dedicated no matter what rank you may be! Please include your name, age, gender, and the state you reside in. No need for towns! We don't need to much information... Please email me if you wish to join as well as requesting on this community page. I will, soon, create a group chat for this pack's members! There, we will communicate with each other. We will no, by any exceptions, communicate through this community as it is only a sign-up page! When you are accepted, you will be given a rank according to your age and experience. I will ask you questions prior to accepting you. Please do not let this fact discourage you from joining, because the question are quite simple to answer. Most of them do not have an incorrect answer. When you answer all of the questions, you will receive an email either accepting or declining your request. If you are accepted, please remember that a pack is like a family. We will be helping each other. We will be doing "Role-Play" training (Which only means that if you are younger than 18 years of age or if you are not located nearby your current trainer, you will train through Email.) "Role-Play" training must be done in a separate instant messaging conversation and I must be added to the chat (For safety reasons). When you complete training you will be ranked up.

You as a member of The Pack of Purity and Prosperity are expected and obligated to tell the Alpha everything that goes on within the pack, whether during training or during "Howl-Time" (or in other words in the chat...). If you feel threatened in any way, please feel free to email me and we can talk about how we can fix it and make everybody comfortable at the same time! Again, please Email me to have a chance to be accepted. I will not email you first! Thank you all! Have a wonderful day/night (Depending on where you live and when you are reading this...)!

- Priscilla Thompson (Age 18)
Alpha of The Pack of Purity and Prosperity

Contact Email: packlifeoftherians@gmail.com

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