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Accelerate your Life !!!
First of its kind Workshop for those Challenged with Growth and Opportunities in Life.

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Who else started day 1 of the new +Chopra Center 21 day meditation? I always enjoy these. So Hum is today’s mantra. “I am”
“Mantras are powerful tools to support your meditation practice. These Sanskrit syllables are carefully chosen to work with and empower the teaching of the day. As you silently repeat the mantra during meditation, a few things happen:

-You quiet your mind – Repetition of the mantra helps you move beyond your thoughts and access the stillness within.

-You experience deeper awareness – The mental vibration created by the mantra allows your mind to access pure awareness.

-You discover your true nature – With daily use during meditation, the mantra helps your body, mind, and spirit relax into their true essence – pure potentiality and happiness.” +Chopra Center +Deepak Chopra +The Chopra Well #21daymeditationchallenge #meditation #chopracenter 🕉

Hi my name is Joseph and I am just getting started in the meditation. I would like to try the 21 day meditation experience. I have a site on meditation but you had ask not to post it so I won't.  Please send me more information about the 21 day.  thank you.

Having a beautiful day much love an peace to everyone

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Well I did some self afffrmations today so
Uncover your creative brilliance and connect with your deepest desires! Join Oprah & Deepak on the journey to creating and living a life filled with your true self's desires. FREE to participate!

Registration now open

We r protected and provided for from the powerful receptive universe# my affirmation 4 the day

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Today at 11:11 am & pm Send your thoughts and Prayers to #uplift the Planet 

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"Deepak Chopra’s 2015 Global Meditation for Compassion"

"Have you ever wondered what would happen if the whole world came together with the shared intention to create a more compassionate, kinder world? On Saturday, July 11 at 9am PDT, join Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Ismael Cala, and Trevor Hall online for the world’s largest synchronized meditation.

Let’s find out what we can create when we put love first and recognize the truth that we are all one. Take a stand for compassion and register here" :

Thanks to +Chopra Center and +The Chopra Well

#Meditation   #GlobalMeditation   #Compassion     #IamCompassion   #CompassionateAction  

Hello I'm very interested on this. Is it over or has it not yet started?? Someone please advise, Thx 😆

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